Part 1
Poor white man
Chinese or other Asian
African American
2. Discuss the questions below
a.Yes. ⠀ It is clear that the representations generated in my head were focused on stereotyped thought based on the perception of the meaning of extracts. When I glance at the "a" part of the vignette as I stop at the gas station... Hey boy, fuel up! ; The first thing that comes to mind is that white men, particularly from Texas, use such language. My inference, from this stereotype, was that a white man would be.The same continues with the other part such as “c” where I read about a group of young people doing “fancy dance steps” and the first thing that went into mind is the African Americans as represented by many films and the general media.

b. how such stereotypes learned?

Stereotyping has been majorly projected by media as a way of keeping the popular notion. For example, most of the popular comedian in the US and other parts of the world are known to make fun using racial or gender stereotyping jokes. This way they mock the situation and point out what the general public holds as the truth while it is not always the case. Additionally, stereotyping is learned at school and at home where children are exposed to negative stereotyping of other groups. This promotes vice as the kids grow to become adults.

c. When are stereotypes useful? When are they destructive?

While stereotyping has always been perceived as negative aspect, it can be useful when approaching new cultures. The stereotyping refrain people from performing or conducting themselves in a potentially damaging manner. Additionally, they guide our social experiences in a diverse environment and complex cultures. Stereotypes can also be helpful; in shaping our attitudes and behaviors towards other people’s races, and cultures. While destructive stereotype entails negative persistent of opinions despite the existence of discovered or existing facts, knowledge, truth and information. Moreover, stereotyping typing becomes destructive when it used to encourage prejudice, discrimination and biased perception against a group or an individual.

4. a. Does the exercise show that you have negative stereotyping?

Yes. Though unknowingly, I hold some negative stereotyping against some communities. Like other people, I tend to associate some cultures and behavior to a certain group without any factual reasons. This can be termed as negative profiling which is not good nor healthy for such a group.

b. stereotyping and prejudice

Stereotyping an ethnic group can lead to negative prejudice and discrimination. In the modern day America it is likely to have more African American drivers pulled over by police officer for suspected crimes such drug possession or guns. The same is uncommon to whites which shows that police despite them being supposed to be sensitive and fair to all people they tend to lean on one side. By acting that way, the police like many other groups prejudice ethnic groups and discriminate against them based on negative stereotyping. This cuts across different organizations and people especially to people of color who are seen as most likely to behave in a certain way which basically shows that stereotyping can lead to prejudice and discrimination against an ethnic group.

c. how we can identify negative stereotyping

It is hard to identify negative stereotypes, but we can recognize our attitudes towards a group. Based on how were respond we can tell if we are negatively discriminating against a group based on negative stereotyping. Associating some traits to a group without having any evidence shows that you are discriminating the group without any facts and therefore you are engaging in a negative stereotyping which should be shunned.

School shooting and White denial by Tim Wise

After reading the article, it is evident that racial and ethnical profiling has left the government and the society believing that only blacks and colored people can commit heinous crimes. They ignore that in prisons and other correction facilities there are white people who have committed crimes. The school shooting is an eye-opener that shows that white people are also culpable of crimes just like other groups. Ignoring that fact and paying too much attention is what lead school shooting a white person. The government and the society ignored that security should not focus one or two groups just because of negative racial prejudice but focus on the whole community for the sake of ensuring that the safety of the people is maintained at all times. My reactions towards the school shooting that I was shocked and realized that ethnic and racial prejudice has made us as a society ignore the truth that we are all liable to committing crimes regardless of the race or ethnic groups.

Concepts of racism, discrimination, and white privilege relates to the article

The concept of racism, discrimination and white privilege traces its roots back to the historical period after slave trade and the end of slavery where American of white origin wanted to extend their supremacy of the blacks. It is something that has continued to date but a different perspective. In the case of the article, it is evident that the shooting crime happened because of the white privilege that made the government and the society ignore the fact that white children just like black children or any other group are capable of committing heinous crimes. The person who went on with the shooting took the gun from inside the house and walked past the neighborhood and because of the white privilege no alarm was raised, and it ended with the mass shooting at the school. Evidently, as much as we ignore racism, discrimination and white privileges as social vices perhaps because it does not touch everyone, it can lead to serious consequences. People ended up dead in school shooting because the society and police ignored that whites can also commit a crime. This could have probably been averted if the police were more vigilant with all groups without having to discriminate against a certain group in the society.

Reverse racism

My reactions towards Mr. Rahman’s reasons why reverser racism does not exist is that I am not surprised. The white supremacy and considering that the whites are majority means that you cannot easily discriminate against them. That is why prejudice only occurs in the minority groups such as the colored people. In this view, the reverse racism would not easily occur since the whites are the majority and cannot be bullied by the minority groups. Through the comic show it is evident that most majority colored groups and the blacks would prefer to be associated with the white group that enjoys a wider support and does not get discriminated; hence, reverse discrimination cannot happen.

I think that the video was chosen based on the fact that it shows that racial or ethnical profiling occurs only to other groups of people and not the whites. The whites have their rights protected by the government, and the society has accepted that fact, and that is why discrimination only occurs at certain levels. Thus, the video is an eye-opener to show that the people themselves have accepted that discrimination is a one-way thing, but as a society we can still change some this perception.

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