Essays on Concentration

Men without Chests

In the Chapter “Men Without Chest” by CS Lewis He discusses several repercussions of an education that reduces and dismisses all worth as subjective and unimportant while ostensibly attempting to teach subjects such as English. To begin, he claims that a student reading The Green Book will have two beliefs about...

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About Serial Dilutions

Dilution can apply to a number of various things depending on the situation. It may refer to a decrease in the ownership proportion of a stock in a company or it may relate to the process of dilution, which we learned about in elementary school science. The term dilution...

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Chemical Engineering 140

It is useful to utilize an exponential dilution flask upstream of the photometer to examine the dynamic response of an inline or flow-through spectrophotometer. The photometer receives the waste from a tiny continually stirred tank, or flask. The tank is initially filled with a weak dye at concentration C. Then,...

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