Essays on Biodiversity


The presence of various species of organisms in a given location is referred to as biodiversity. A natural area inhabited by a community of plants, animals, and other living things can be defined as such. Every plant species makes a distinct contribution to ecosystems. Although biodiversity varies by region, altitude,…

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Focusing on Labor and the Atmosphere in the Alberta Tar Sands

According to analysts, the oil sands in Alberta, Canada have a major effect on both the climate and the country’s economic position. The mining of tar sands in Alberta, for example, results in the loss of forest cover, reducing the frequency of rains in the area. Furthermore, gases produced by…

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Organisms fluctuate depending on their adaptation and role in the environment. The role of a variety of species in their habitat is dictated by the ecological complexities and ecosystems. According to Bardgett and van der Putten, biodiversity plays a crucial position in developing a balance in which the different organisms…

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Biodiversity Research

Biodiversity is executed when there is a balance in the variety of the population of all species. Every participant in the ecosystem has a unique contribution and failure to co-exist is consequential for the rest. This paper discusses the benefits of biodiversity and the threats it is exposed to. Benefits…

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