Michael Norton's TED presentation and Mark Fahey's article

Happiness and the Question of Money

Happiness is the most significant factor in people’s lives, and the question “Does money purchase happiness?” is equally crucial in determining this component. Individuals have the same level of opinion on this topic question. Several people feel that money can buy happiness, whereas many others say that money cannot buy happiness. This paper will argue that “money does not purchase happiness,” and it is based on Michael Norton’s TED presentation and Mark Fahey’s article on the subject.

Michael Norton's TED Presentation

The video of Michael Norton’s TED presentation is centered on the idea that money may buy happiness, but it all relies on how people use their money. The talk includes a point that if a person uses money for himself/herself, then he/she will be happy, but if this person uses his/her money on some other cause or person, then he/she will become happier. Most people will gain true happiness when they use their money for good causes or on some other people who needs money. But it is also a fact that many individuals use their money for themselves rather use it on somebody else and become happier. So money surely does buy happiness, but it depends on how we use it. The usage of money can increase the satisfaction level if the people learn the alternative ways to use the money and also use these alternative ways to know the true way of spending their money to gain true happiness (Norton). In my opinion, shop for my favorite things makes me happy, but the thought to give these things as a gift to other needy people gives me more happiness and satisfaction. I love the way to make other people happy by doing something for them. Like the three ingredients, Epicurus presented many years ago, friendship, freedom and analyzed life showed that these are the right ingredients which also contribute to the achievement of happiness (“02 – Epicurus On Happiness – Philosophy: A Guide To Happiness”).

Mark Fahey's Article

In the article “Money can buy happiness, but only to a point” written by Mark Fahey also favored the fact that money can buy happiness. Fahey believes that the individuals who think that money does not buy happiness are wrong. Fahey gave some economic statistics which revealed that the income of a household is related to the emotional well-being of the members of the house and an evaluation of a person’s on his quality of life. If the household income is greater, then the satisfaction and happiness level also increases of the members of the house. People earn money to satisfy their needs and this satisfaction level increases when the earning income is great, and individuals have the opportunity to buy all the things they need (Fahey).

The TED talk of Michael Norton and the views of Fahey showed that money does buy happiness, but it depends on how we use it. Happiness can be gained if we use the money for other people or make other people happy. Or if we use the money on ourselves, it also would make us happy and satisfied. The point is that which ways to spend the money we chose and which ways give us more happiness, and we should select the best way which gave us more happiness than the other way which is giving us less happiness and satisfaction.

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