Essays on Philosophical Works

Enlightenment and Allegory of the Cave

During the eighteenth century, the term "enlightenment" was used frequently to refer to a morally upright and logical movement. Following human evolution through different reforms was its main goal. Plato conveys the idea that studying philosophy is the only way for a person to develop an appreciation of what is...

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Philosophy and the Republic

The republic is a form of government in which the people have an active role in the running of their country. The citizens of a republic elect their leaders, called presidents or prime ministers, and also have the power to vote them out of office when they do not like...

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How to Write an Apology Letter

A sincere apology is one of the best ways to show that you are taking responsibility for your actions and to demonstrate your desire to make things right. It’s also an effective way to rebuild trust and boundaries in your relationship, which can be essential for creating positive feelings and...

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How to Organise a Symposium

A symposium is a type of conference in which experts discuss a particular topic. It is a more informal and less formal form of conference that encourages more discussion and networking among attendees. Symposia are typically a one-day event and tend to focus on a single topic or issue rather than...

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Nicomachean Ethics

The Nicomachean Ethics The Nicomachean Ethics (NE) is one of Aristotle's ethical treatises, and is regarded as the definitive statement of Aristotle's ethical views. The Nicomachean Ethics is divided into ten books, each of which deals with a different aspect of morality. Book I: Defining Good Book I discusses how good is to...

Words: 409

Pages: 2

The Manifesto of the Communist Party

In February 1848, the communist party published a manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in London that set forth their philosophy. The Manifesto remains one of the most important political works of the 19th century and is considered by many to be the foundation of the modern Communist movement....

Words: 513

Pages: 2

Readings from Plato and Miklós Haraszti

The article includes a discussion of passages from Plato's Law and Republic, where the four most significant passages are selected, their significance is assessed, and Plato's main ideas are engaged. are some passages from The Velvet Prison by Miklos Haraszti: Along with three sentences that were taken directly from the...

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Pages: 4

Socrates and Euthyphro are two Greek philosophers.

The dialogue between Socrates and Euthyphro on the controversial topic of piety is found in Plato's Euthyphro. The dialogue shows that virtue is attained when humans fulfill their obligations to gods and society. Socrates is very interested in this discussion since it takes place during his trial for impiety (Shafer-Landau...

Words: 1123

Pages: 5

Book Life Without Principle

Life without principle is an essay by Henry David Thoreau. It is an attempt to establish a righteous living. Thoreau's work was published in 1863. Thoreau offers a program that would help the reader live a righteous life. In this essay, Thoreau discusses his personal experience, the economy, and his...

Words: 806

Pages: 3

Life Without Principle Film Review

Life Without Principle: A Film About the Current Financial Crisis Life Without Principle is a film about characters who are not related to each other, and it is a bit of an overworked genre, but it's also a critique of the current financial crisis. The film follows the lives of three...

Words: 845

Pages: 4

Al-and Ghazali's Descartes' skepticism

Following the historical insights of their cultures, there are many concepts to explore in Rene Descartes' and Al-philosophical Ghazali's positions. Descartes is regarded as the most prominent person who implemented the modern system of western philosophy in western countries (Descartes 2). On the other hand, some Muslim scholars and Western...

Words: 1701

Pages: 7

What is Love and how does it play a Role in Plato’s The Republic and Virgil’s Aeneid

"Love" and its Many Expressions "Love" seems to be a very small or little word; one syllable, four letters that barely encompasses its many expressions. Clive Staples Lewis described "heart" as affection, philia, eros, and Caritas in his Four Loves, but there are several levels of love even beyond these four...

Words: 1637

Pages: 6

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