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What is Love and how does it play a Role in Plato’s The Republic and Virgil’s Aeneid

“Love” seems to be a very small or little word; one syllable, four letters that barely encompasses its many expressions. Clive Staples Lewis described “heart” as affection, philia, eros, and Caritas in his Four Loves, but there are several levels of love even beyond these four simple classifications. However, as…

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Plato’s Republic: Book I and VII

Book I from the Republic of Plato highlights the effort by Socrates to achieve a reasonable conception of justice. Socrates engages speakers to explore the best possible concept of justice. Socrates does not, however, give any definition, and instead refutes every proposal. In Book 1 Socrates, a young nobleman Polemarche…

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Plato’s Allegory of the Cave is an analogy from his The Republic

Plato’s Cave Allegory is an analogy of his The Republic created approximately 38BC. The philosophical parable discusses three main subjects, which include the role of education and perception. In considering the themes, Glaucon (Plato’s brother) and Socrates, who is both its teachers and a tutor, have been discussed. If the…

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The Republic by Plato

It is claimed that Republic is one of Plato’s finest works describing a metaphysical dialog debating the act of justice. According to Socrates, living only life is instrumental in one’s life. In this book, Socrates uses a set of reasons to help us realize that the propagation of moral values…

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Marcus Aurelius Meditations

Marcus is one of the most renowned philosophers of which one of his core works, registered as Meditations, is very interesting. In the passage of his Med 11.33-38 Marcus’ attraction to stoicism is illustrated (Hadot 131). This journey is of importance in light of this 171-175 AD period and the…

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