Fast Food Pandemic

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Fast food companies are during a race to re-invent food and food perceptions to stay their market distracted from the very fact that their products lack quality, healthy ingredients.
KFC Double Down Burger
The KFC’s Burger consists of boneless pig meat, liquidities of cheese and sauce fixed together between two coated fleshy boneless chickens. it’s one among the nutriment chain hottest burger in us , Australia and New Zealand. it’s also expanded its market coverage and networks recently in uk though not widely spread. KFC has been recommended because the best nutriment sandwich by chicken lovers within the world that was received with massive excitement within the uk . It has acquired an increasingly international demand which has made it achieve celebrity status in the entire world.

Notably, when KFC’s double down burger was launched in the United States store, it was first attacked by media where they described it as a bunless burger with low nutritional levels that was not worthy for consumption because it could retard growth. However despite the bad analysis many people bought the sandwich overwhelmingly and a month following that outrageous review KFC had sold over ten million double down burgers. Moreover KFC decided to expand its local market to target international market after discouragement from analysts who downplayed the report of the initial success of the double down burger and after two years it transformed from one foreign market to another. KFC used the strategy of transplanting the outrageous concept across the globe that enables it to hit internationally. The underlying principle of this concept was that KFC was committed to ensure that it remains competitive in the market by producing new decent products thereby enhancing their motivation to continue producing and marketing their double down burger globally which won celebrity status across the world.

Taco Bell Doritos Locos Tacos

Notably, after a comprehensive research and analysis, Taco Bell observed that customers preferred products that are decent and unique. The company was committed to coming up with a new innovation that its customer would be compelled to share even to other potential customers. Taco Bell was given a model from which it could build a new creative and fresh product by Frito-Lay Corporation. This led to merging of Frito-Lay and Taco Bell research and development teams to come up with the best recipe. The two teams worked tirelessness and developed a product called tortilla where they tested the item but felt it did not meet their expected target. The firm continued to mix other flavors and finally made a decent Doritos Locos Tacos that was unique and decent product. In addition, they came up with a paper to be used by the staff during the making process to ensure that their hands were kept clean. The core reason that propelled the need for partnering with popular brand was to make sure that their product would have a ready market to penetrate.

After the product was successfully made it was introduced in different chain restaurants in various towns of United States and attracted many customers because it was a great product. Customers helped greatly in creating awareness because of an adventurous experience with the product. For instance in one Youtube video a gentleman announced that he had to travel over nine hundred miles to get the product. Taco Bell used this information to convince customers to purchase the product as it was an alluring excellent new menu item. The company also created anticipation in its Tweeter account promising to deliver truckful of the product to the people who had tweeted in favor of the product. Also, most of the fans posted selfies with the Taco Bell product in their instagram accounts. The logo bearing holster proved essential in advertising. Today, Taco Bell employs social media platforms to source ideas for new innovation in introducing and marketing their products (Wilbur 50).

McDonalds McRib

McDonalds McRib consists of boneless pork patty shaped to appear as if it contains ribs. This product is then propped onto a hoagie style bun and drenched in barbecue sauce (Jonathan et al 53). Finally the whole shebang is topped with onions and pickles. The process of making this pork patty ribs takes about forty five minutes only to be ready. This product failed to do well in the market since three year later after launching McDonalds McRib. It was pulled out of the market. However, later on, it featured dominantly on the menu nationwide at random times and locations hence making it one of largest fast food globally although its customers were again fading away from using the product especially in the United States.

According to Journal of Management and Research Analysis by Jonathan et al. (53), customers in New York, Texas, Olkahoma, Missouri and New Mexico posted on social media that McDonalds are coming back into the market. In addition stores in Southern Califonia and Hawaii have officially announced temporally return in the market. Moreover, to get this product the internet provides an enabling environment since the McDonalds offers Mc Ribs Finder applications for android devices. The application helps the customer find places to purchase sandwich more conveniently. There is also McRib Locator Website which allows users to report happenings that rotate around the sandwich in the whole nation (Jonathan et al. 53). Finally since the sandwich has never stayed in the market for long it may as well vanish fast.

Nutritional Pitfalls

It is important to take considerable care of people’s diet as choosing food health options is all about selecting meals that maximize nutrients density and minimizes empty calories. This is because it has been found that micronutrient contents of a diet are much more important than the caloric content. There are various nutritional pitfalls particularly for men that may include: fatty cut of meats as it is evidenced that men across cultural diversity view meat as masculine while vegetables as well as salad termed as feminine preferred food choices. It is also evidenced that meat is linked to heart attack, vascular diseases and increased weight that can cause diabetes. Therefore men should start looking for leaner cuts of meats that do not bear harmful fats. Another one is smoked food like sausage which is also characterized by high profile fat and salt. The high sodium content and processed foods can lead to high blood pressure; hence it is recommended that people should focus on fruits and vegetable which lower body salt content (Wilber 20). There is also beer belly blues where most American men drink beer while women mostly prefer wine in the United States; alcohol causes body weight gain hence there is a direct relationship between alcohol and belly fat because when someone drinks beer the liver burns alcohol instead of fat.

It is important to note that an active individual require about 2600 calories per day but one dish of McRib only contains about one fourth of the calories (Yeager 67). This means therefore that the amount of calories in the McRib is relatively small relative to the actual requirement amount in a day. McRibs is made from various components that may be hazardous to the body for example presence of some hidden fat harmful to the body as it may make a person gain weight and sometime illnesses such as heart attack and diabetes.

Besides, it has also been observed that double down burgers only give the consumer just a quarter of the calories that someone need in a day. In addition, it has been noticed that double down burger lacks fiber and other nutrients. This is dangerous as it can lead to constipation if one is used to taking the burger. Finally, taco Bell Doritos Locos Tacos is made using genetically modified soy ingredients that may linked to changes in reproductive hormones, damage to pituitary glands and endometriosis. Also genetically modified corn links this to monstrosities, cancer and organ failure (Truman 48).

Legislation about Serving sizes and Publishing Nutritional Information

In the united States the government is committed to ensuring that food Industries take requisite care to ensure that they supply products that are in good condition and healthy for consumers. The nation has gone ahead to impose some legal frameworks that govern the manner in which the said companies handle food, package them as well as incorporate nutrition composition of their products. The legal frameworks are essential tools that help ensure that consumers get the right product for consumption and the same time regulate the manner in which the food companies operate thus safeguarding citizens from exploitation from companies.

In addition, United States government has enacted some laws that compel food producing companies to provide nutritional profile of their products to consumers. This is an important moving direction for the government as the consumers are given an opportunity to learn the nutrient levels of various products provided by company to equip them with the necessary information that can enable them make decisions on the choice of the products they wish to consume. It has also been observed that in the United States there are legislations requiring chain restaurants and hotels to include their menus and nutrition profile of the food they sell to customers. Notably, by so doing customers may feel motivated and may be encouraged to make repeat orders and communicate the same information about their experience to other potential customers

Counter Argument

It is no longer enough to serve up decent-tasting burgers since people seek high-quality food options and easier ways to buy. Therefore food companies must be creative and innovative to come up with new products that are alluring to consumers and ensure that such products meet both nutritional and quality standards that can enable the products perform overwhelmingly in the current market as customers are more informed and would rather go for quality and nutritious items as opposed to decent items. Moreover, companies should also provide convenient purchasing means like mobile ordering to avoid queuing.

Refute Counter Argument

The staged argument is completely untrue since McDonalds offer McRibs Finder application for android device to enable customers find location where they can buy sandwich but unfortunately McRibs performed poorly in the market and it pulled out of the market only after three year after it launching. Therefore, food applications cannot help Food Companies stay in the market and gain competitive edge.


It has been noted that being creative and innovative leads to an increased market demand. Moreover, providing high quality and more nutritious food enable companies gain a competitive advantage. The most important task is to provide a mix of both innovative, high quality and high nutrition content products. The move can help bridge the gap created by companies for not offering both marketing mix to its customer which can enable food companies remain competitive in the market against other large outfits in the same food industry.

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