community and the role of food vendors

A restaurant is a location where chefs cook a range of meals and drinks for customers to buy. Vendors either sell the meals inside the restaurant or have them outside, based on the scale of the restaurant and their willingness to cover the rental bill. It plays an important part in the neighborhood because of its capacity to supply food to the locals on time. Many people who own small restaurants have a habit of selling food to nearby factory workers and others who are unable to cook inside the city due to time pressures resulting from the fact that “cooking, dining, and cleaning are done at the curb” (Anyi 14). A vendor is a person that promotes sales of food product in exchange for money. They play important roles in the community. Two of the most significant functions are the advertisement of the groceries while they move from one place to the other and reorganizing their menu in accordance to the taste of the food customers thus restaurants owners’ stock variety of food supply. For instance, “For breakfast they uniformly offer soy milk, fried crullers and glutinous rice balls; for lunch and supper they offer sautéed dishes, noodles and combination platters” (Anyi 18).

Additionally, they provide hygienic stores to keep their food products. Vendors ensure that the environments where they sell their food items are clean. They can easily move and access every location of their desire “In fact, the alley has all characteristics and sub-alleys as cross streets” hence being available to all their target customers (Anyi 12). The majority of the vendors are youths, in particular women, thus, there is the provision of employment to the community. Moreover, vendor supply food in time and with cheap cost hence most of the individual prefer buying food from them due to conveniences. Nonetheless, vendors maintain a working relationship with their customers that build loyalty and are an alternative to those who are unable to cook or have no time to cook.

Work Cited

Anyi, Wang. The Little Restaurant. Better Link Press, 2010.

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