Christmas is the each year festival that commemorates the birth of Jesus observed on twenty fifth December as the cultural and religious celebration among billions of character around the globe. The fiesta evolved over two thousand years ago into the international secular and religious celebration integrating several pagan and pre-Christian traditions. Currently, Christmas is the length for friends and family to come together and alternate presents. The majority of people even non-Christians wait for this day each year to have exciting and celebrate with their loved ones since it is the most handy moment to for a vacation.
Listener Relevance
My favorite holiday has usually been Christmas of which am sure many of you can relate to this since you get excited when this yearly occasion arrives. The festival is at the end of the year and is accompanied with Boxing Day thus allowing people to relax and party without hurry. Speaker CredibilitySince I was a child, I have been super into Christmas day. The holiday has always been my best moment of the year as I have memories how my family has always been coming together to celebrate the occasion happily. Throughout my life, I have seen Christmas as the period where individuals come together in spite of differences and who they are. Moreover, the festival has been filling my heart with joy when I see people especially family members spending time and their yearly earnings to make their loved ones happy. The holiday seems to bring out the best in population since I spend talking to strangers other times of the year but it gives me the chance to cheer with those I share blood with. Thesis PreviewI stand to elaborate about the family that comes together for this celebration, the traditions we hold and what makes me enjoy this moment. Every person has a family that drives him or her crazy, but nothing is of more important than being with the family members during the holiday. The coming together makes me feel cared and loved which is something that cannot be substituted. During Christmas holiday, love fills each heart of the family members and no matter the situation we share what we have in happiness. We decorate our room with two trees and several little gadgets that move around the house. Further, best meals and drinks are prepared during this time and to make the situation happier, we share the best dishes with people who we love and treasure. Fun is part of our celebration where everyone thinks of something that can make us happy such as going for a walk together and picnic. During the holiday, I see my uncles, grandparents, cousins and aunts as well as making the family trip, dinner and movie night. We send and receive Christmas cards to our friends and family members. The celebration offers the chance for people to come together at least one day per year after being busy looking for money. Thesis Review and Clincher Since we have understood how Christmas make families gather as well as the common traditions, I would like to conclude my speech as I know some have started to commemorate the celebrations. However, we should keep in mind that Christmas is more of showing love to each other, sharing what we have and uniting with our friends and families despite differences or difficult situations.

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