Essays on Holidays

A Christmas Story

For my major this year, I decided to watch A Christmas Story: The Musical which was held in the grand theatre. The play is adapted from the perennial holiday movie starring Raphie parker who is a young bespectacled young man who schemes for a holiday gift of his dreams. In...

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The Roots of the Traditions

Since time immemorial Both Mexicans and Americans have embraced death as a part of their culture. "The Aztecs and Mayans were both warriors, whose traditions involved human sacrifice, which demonstrates casual acceptance of death. Combine this ancient belief with the Catholicism that missionaries brought to their country and funeral attendees will...

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Born on the 4th of July

Born on July 4th: A Narrative of Heroism and Justice Born on July 4th puts the readers' foundations for judging the course to which a person has dedicated his life to the test. The text's narrative touches many people's hearts because of the narrator's descriptions of terrifying encounters and actions. The...

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Day of the Dead Celebration in Mexico

A Day of the Dead Celebration A Day of the Dead Celebration is a way to honor the memories of loved ones. It is a tradition that goes back to ancient Meso-American culture and it combines many different aspects of Mexican culture. It is a celebration of the cycle of life...

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4th of July Celebrations

July 4th: The National Holiday in the United States July 4th is the national holiday in the United States, commemorating the day when the Second Continental Congress ratified the Declaration of Independence. This document was an important step in the formation of the United States. As a result, this holiday is...

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May Day Celebrations

May Day is an ancient European festival that marks the beginning of summer. It is traditionally celebrated on 1 May, about halfway between the spring equinox and summer solstice. In some regions, the festivities are also celebrated the night before. However, in most regions, the holiday is celebrated on the...

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What You Need to Know About Pongal

Pongal Festival: A Celebration of Harvest Pongal is a multi-day Hindu harvest festival celebrated by Tamils in Sri Lanka and India. It falls in the month Tai of the Tamil solar calendar. The festival typically occurs around January 14 each year. In the western hemisphere, it is known as Thai Pongal....

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Dashain and Tihar in Nepal

During dashain and tihar, people spend much time together, not only with family members but also with friends. This time is very special and people from all walks of life gather together. Although, a Dashain or tihar does not require you to spend a lot of money, it is still...

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Lohri Festival in Punjab

In Northern India, Lohri is a popular winter Punjabi folk festival With many myths associated with it, the festival is believed to mark the passing of the winter solstice. Here are some legends related to the festival. The Punjab region is the site of the festival, so the festivities are usually...

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Cinco De Mayo Holiday

Cinco de Mayo is a holiday that honors the victory of Mexico's army over Napoleon III's French forces in the Battle of Puebla in 1862. In addition to celebrating the victory of the Mexican army, this holiday also honors the adoption of Mexican culture by the American community. It is...

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How to Maximize Your Winter Break

If you re a college student, winter break means many things, from long weekends to days off. But how do you maximize your vacation time? Here are a few tips. First of all, remember to check the official calendar for holidays and days off. And while you re at it,...

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The Origins and Purpose of Spring Break

The Origins of Spring Break The origins of spring break are varied. This article will discuss its history in places like Greece, Rome, Fort Lauderdale, and Colombia. There are many myths surrounding the origins of spring break, and some of these are even based on actual history. Regardless of the origin,...

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