Christmas Holidays Commercialization

The concept of Christmas has changed over the years and this change can be attributed to innovation in entrepreneurship and commercialization. The true which means of Christmas, which was anciently marked as a holy day to celebrate the birth of Christ has modified its meaning over the years. Instead, most businesses find it as an possibility to turn the day into a profit-motivated holiday, thus diluting its true meaning. Indeed, the proper meaning of Christmas entails a special day that people take to spend with their households at home, giving back to the society, remembering the birth of Jesus Christ, and connecting themselves through prayers. The authenticity of Christmas has alternatively been changed and this change can be attributed to commercialization.
How commercialization has changed the meaning of Christmas
The introduction of Christmas gifts on Christmas day has been made a must thing to do. Most businesses tend to take advantage of an opportunity given in the market. Since Christmas is a day that gives people a good mood and feeling, the commercial sector has taken this opportunity to make people feel good, thus imposing a culture of purchasing gifts and presents. According to the true meaning of Christmas, this should be a day of religious connectivity and helping the needy, but the theme has turned into entertaining ourselves through purchasing gifts.
Christmas has been turned into an advertising and a spending day. Commercialization has lost the true meaning of Christmas through creating a situational stereotype of what should be done on this day. Through intensive advertisements, the business opportunists have commercialized this day into a spending day from most families. For this reason, most Christians get distracted by such spending activities, thus forget their core responsibility during this holiday.
The promotions and offers created by the commercial businesses have challenged people to spend the Christmas holiday outside the country. Indeed, the original meaning of Christmas entails a day of spending time with family, close relatives, and in church places. However, the business sector has triggered a different picture to families and enticing them to travel over the world during this day. This day has thus been changed into a day of travelling and spending less time at home.
The motivation to inspire and help the needy people in the society has been overshadowed by the commercialization of this day. In the recent years, the Christmas holiday involved associating with the isolated individuals in the society and helping them enjoy the day. However, the effect of commercialization has brought an opportunity cost to people and changed their perceptions. People have been advised on the need reduce unnecessary spending of money, thus reducing their volunteering services to the needy people.
Commercialization has opened doors to non-believer and triggered them to celebrate Christmas despite not knowing its true meaning. As originally known, Christmas is a day of believers to spend their time with God and with their families. Over the years, the advertisements and offers provided during the Christmas season has attracted the non-believers to join this holiday and celebrate it without any knowledge of its meaning. Therefore, it is evident that the true meaning of Christmas has been diluted by commercialization and thus people need to rethink the true meaning of this day. With the continuation of this trend, the latter generations will forget what this day means to them.

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