Philippines and USA Comparison


I have to renowned that there is a massive difference between the United States and my native country, Philippines in almost everything. From culture, language, the administrative structure, economic, ambition, social and financial development and the attitudes of Americans towards immigrants. On the positive side, I have top memories of America since I arrived here irrespective of the severa challenges of settling down. The essay is a brief discussion of my experiences as a young grownup in the United States, a country I consider much one of a kind from my homeland, Philippines.

The Language Barrier

The language barrier was my first challenge. But having been hosted by my relative in the first year, I have learned some crucial English skills. Besides, I wanted to settle down first, so I took an initiative of taking English language classes. The step proved vital, as it accelerated my English competence, though the accent betrayed me. Further, I was privileged to meet kind people ready to assist a new person understand some few basics about America. Our tutor was one of such kind of people. He was patient to all learners. The guy was a Filipino and thus was able to understand both my mother tongue and English. Therefore, making the experience is full of fun.

The Character of Americans

Further, the character of Americans is just unique from my countrymen. The people are very hardworking and are always leading a very busy schedule. Probably the reason the country is far much developed than my motherland, Philippines. The hardworking nature greatly motivated my spirits especially the desire to succeed. Americans can work for more than one job; a situation which makes them have limited time for friends and even relatives. It is a fantastic experience that being employed by every Filipinos at home, undoubtedly, the economy of the Philippines or any other less developed country can improve faster than average.

Management of Affairs

Besides, the way the Americans and the government manage their affairs is a great lesson for visitors from less developed countries. It is incredible that it is almost certain anyone can be prosecuted irrespective of their economic status unlike in the Philippines where some wealthy people can commit crimes and escape with it without facing trial. Probably this explains why most Americans are keen followers of the rule of law. Crime rates are low; people drive carefully, corruption is low, workers in the public sector are committed employees, and any deviation from one's duties is quickly detectable, and it is not easy to escape without facing justice.

Healthcare Practices

Further, as a medical practitioner, I came to realize that people in America are cautious with their health. Working as a nurse assistant, I have learnt a lot about the perception of Americans regarding health. People in the U.S go for regular medical check-ups unlike in the Philippines. Individuals are sensitive to health matters that even a dull headache makes one seek comprehensive medical advice. Besides, I tend to believe that this is the reason life expectancy is higher in the U.S than in the Philippines.


In conclusion, the lessons learned from American life are unforgettable. The ones I have just discussed is a handful of what the American life and culture are all about and why the United States is fundamentally different and almost better in everything than any other country. The government is keen with everything concerning the welfare of the people. From internal and external security, employment, domestic relations, the performance of American businesses, the protection of the citizens living abroad, and much more; it is an invaluable experience that has changed my perspective on life.

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