Bhalla, Ajit S. and Frédéric Lapeyre: Poverty and Exclusion In A Global World

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Bhalla and Lapeyre present a book on poverty and how its inclusion is viewed in the international world. A clear contrast is given between the rich and the poor. The book creates a terrific gap between the rich and the poor and states how shut the middle class is with the people in the decrease class. The book is vital in the paper because of the facts, which it presents.
Main, Jackson Turner. The social shape of revolutionary America. Princeton University Press, 2015.
The author of the book discusses the social shape of the economy as far as earnings are concerned. It gives a description of the middle class, upper class and the lower classes of people in the society. It equally states the interrelationship between the rich, those in the middle class and the poor. The article is quite critical when talking about the subject matter.

Suman, Shashi. “Poor Vs Middle Class Vs Rich In United States Of America.” Money Connexion, 2017,

The website source is critical when discussing the subject matter into details. It has a lot of information on the gap that exists between the people in the different social structures in the society. Suman critically addresses why the gap, especially between the middle class and the rich is expanding. In the article, the author gives a lot of details about the view that these rich individuals have on the poor people and the middle class. The source is vital in coming up with a concrete argument on the subject matter.

Toffler, Alvin. “Revolutionary wealth.” New Perspectives Quarterly 30.4 (2013): 122-130.

The article on revolutionary wealth creates a distinction between the three different social classes. Besides, the article provides details on what makes each of the three social classes. The gap between the middle class and the poor is seen to be big as discussed in the article. The information on the book is vital when addressing the thesis of the paper.

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