An Explanation For Taking a Gap Year and What Was Achieved

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II didn’t think I was able to pursue my university education on my own. I wanted to take a break and reflect on cultivating various facets of my personality and characteristics of character. Therefore, I decided to take a gap year to get ready for my life’s next chapter.
I still wanted to learn to draw and paint, but I came to terms with myself over the years that I have NO talents in either painting or drawing. I proved myself wrong, however, after taking just two months of classes consisting of two sessions a week. To highlight some of my works, I will attach a mini portfolio. n addition, I have worked as a teacher assistant in math and physics in my own school.

I am also able to concentrate more on music as I am taking classes and having more time for music practice. Also, I always keep a “book wishlist” but unfortunately I barely had enough time to read 2-4 books from it per month. Currently, I have so much time after graduation and therefore I am able to spend more time reading.

I always wanted to pick another language, and now I am learning Korean through online sources. Korean is so different from all the other language I know such as Farsi, Arabic, and English in term of grammar and vocabulary. The difference in grammar and vocabulary has made learning Korean more challenging yet more enjoyable! Currently, I am able to have small conversations as well as read and write in Hangul.

I have undertaken different sports classes, such as badminton and swimming, which I had some skills from the past. I have also taken up new sports such as tennis basketball futsal, and I am already planning on taking horseback riding classes as from spring.

Overally, compared to last year, I believe I am now more mature and ready for college. I am also glad that I had the opportunity to explore and learn more before joining college.

Explain why this college appeals to you?

I was born and grew up in a society where I never had the opportunity to follow my dreams. It had a weak educational system, living in a small town, being a woman, and lots of other issues were barriers between me and my goals. For a long time I wanted to learn, do research to find the answer to my questions. I want to add something to the world. However my hometown, Bushehr, does not have a good hospital, or doctors let alone, good teachers or schools as well as a limited internet access! The best library in Bushehr, the Moslehiyan library, barely owns 1000 books. Bushehr even lacks a proper bookstore, what is available is a small stationery store that sells books. One therefore has to buy books while traveling or have someone to buy then send it to them through post. The opportunity to learn anything new is nearly impossible especially when one is of the female gender. For instance, I love music and I have the ability to write books on how I learnt music. I play the Violin, Guitar, Ukulele, Tank drums, Cajon and Melodica. I learnt how to play all the instruments by myself but for the violin. My hometown doesn’t have enough music teachers and the available ones are reluctant to teach female students. I always wanted to be part of an orchestra, to play on concerts, but in Bushehr, it is hard to even find musicians capable and willing to participate in a concert.

In my case, college provides an avenue for me to find the missing bits of my life. I already spent 17 years of my life in a place that never provided any sense of belonging and I would not like want that to happen again. I wish to live in an environment where I share beliefs and values with others as well as a place I am respected and understood. I wish to have the chance to follow my dreams, to pursue my goals, express myself and have understanding people. I strongly believe that this university provides the Utopia I have been seeking.

Talk about something that excites you about Learning (150-250 word limit)

My passion for this major started from summer 2015. I was exploring through Youtube when I started watching Rebecca Saxe TED talk. It was my first time learning about neuroscience and I cannot recall any other time felt enthusiastic while watching a lecture until that day. I watched it several times searching and studying each new phrase I encountered. During the rest of the summer during my free times, I would spend hours watching lectures and reading articles about this major. The more I read and learned about it the more I’d love it. I’d spent hours trying to find the answer to the hard problem of consciousness or trying to figure out if I really have free will.

After over three years, learning about cognitive and behavioral neuroscience still excite me and I am sure that feeling will continue for a very long time.

100-150 word Limit

We do not have clubs in school like American schools, neither do we have knowledge about the clubs and bands in other schools in other countries. In 10th grade with the approval of my principal, I started a music club in school. We didn’t have many musicians in school, it was only 7 of us but lots of students were interested and supportive and willing to learn music. Everything was going well but somehow the ministry of education found our activity “against educational system values”. The next thing I knew was that we had to choose between continuing the music club and getting expelled from school. One of our activities was practicing and performing during some of schools ceremonies such as NODET day and students day.

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