Apple Inc. Project Management Capability

Apple Inc. is a multinational technology business located in California that specializes in the design, development, and selling of various consumer gadgets, internet services, and computer software (Budnikas, 2016). Apple use project management as part of its strategy for delivering goods on time, within budget, and within resource limits (Nwogugu, 2015). Furthermore, Apple uses good project management to organize, plan, lead, manage, secure, and control its available resources in order to fulfill its specific goals (Budnikas, 2016). This paper addresses the project management capability of Apple Inc., with the focus on the principles involved the company's project qualification and scope definition processes, as well as the company's project team development and the impact of the overall project success.

Apple's project management capability relies significantly on the company's project definition and scope management. The identification and definition of the project's scope are what describe the components of any given project at Apple (Heracleous, 2013). The project's scope at Apple Inc. entails what the company has to deliver, or the project deliverables, as well as what the company has to do to achieve the set deliverables of the project. Project management at Apple Inc. is a continuous activity throughout the life of any project and encompasses regular controlling and monitoring of various project activities (Heracleous, 2013).

The qualification and scoping of projects at Apple involves the consideration of a broad range of principles. One of such principles is the agreement among the company’s key stakeholders. Before the endorsement of any project at Apple, the company’s primary stakeholders have to agree on what the project scope should entail (Budnikas, 2016). The company usually asks its project stakeholders to sign their agreement against the project scope so as to save both the project time and cost through the creation of a careful analysis of the project requirements (Budnikas, 2016).

Apple's project management teams also take careful considerations before jumping to the planning phase of any project. The project managers at Apple understand that planning of any project cannot be effective without a clear knowledge of the project's scope. The company, therefore, ensures that there is a consensus regarding the details of the project scope to avoid shortcuts that may only lead to problems in the later phases of the project (Nwogugu, 2015). Project qualification and scope definition at Apple Inc. also entails the involvement of a team of experts. The primary aim of involving the experts is to create an effective and efficient work development and product breakdown structures and to give the project management team an opportunity to adequately engage with other professionals who may know the work better than them. Such a consideration allows for easy spotting of various missing elements of the project scope, as well as present an opportunity for engaging the broader project team in working together. Additionally, it helps in establishing a common vision of the project involved (Nwogugu, 2015).

Additionally, project qualification and scope definition at Apple considers the aspect of time or project schedule. The creation of a work breakdown structure is what gives the definition of the product in a logical way. That is because it describes the project's timeline and ensures that the project is carried out methodically for the enhancement of the project's success and achievement of better results (Gupta & Prinzinger, 2013). Apple Inc. applies the project scheduling principle in a combination of manual and automated processes. The primary aim of such a combination is to maximize the company’s capability and capacity of utilizing its available resources in project management (Gupta & Prinzinger, 2013).

Project quality is another area that Apple's project managers take into consideration in the qualification and scope definition of the company's projects. Apple Inc. emphasizes product quality standards and controls and ensures that all the projects comply with the company’s quality standards before the commencement of any implementation process (Budnikas, 2016). Besides, Apple is known across the world for its high-quality standards in various business areas including product design and development. The company, therefore, takes a holistic approach to the qualification and scope identification processes of all its projects so as to ensure quality in its final products (Budnikas, 2016).

Apple Inc. has a dedicated team of project managers and various junior professionals whole handle various project implementation processes to maximize the company’s capability and efficiency in project management. Apple takes part in developing its project team through the creation of a conducive project environment that allows members of the project team to collaborate and cooperate with one another. Such cooperations help in improving team members' competencies and skills, as well as make them work in unity towards achieving the objectives of the company's projects (Gupta & Prinzinger, 2013).

Training of the project team members also forms part of Apple's team development strategy. The company's project managers ensure that every project team member receives necessary training so as to acquire various skills and contribute effectively to the team, through the allocation of adequate budget and training time within the project schedule (Nwogugu, 2015). Apple also achieves project team development through engaging the project team members in non-work activities like sports so as to build the bond among the team members (Nwogugu, 2015). The company also develops its project teams through the creation and enforcement of various basic team rules that make the team members understand the company’s acceptable behaviors. Besides, Apple’s project managers build their project teams through rewards, recognition, and appreciation (Heracleous, 2013).

The overall project success at Apple Inc. has a broad range of positive impacts on the company. One of such impacts is improved customer satisfaction. The completion of projects according to the project’s expected outcomes results in the production of quality products that enhance the satisfaction of various customers of Apple’s products across the world (Budnikas, 2016). The success of projects at Apple Inc. also improves the development and growth of the company’s project teams since they get inspired to continue looking for ways of achieving more efficient performances (Nwogugu, 2015). Additionally, the overall project success at Apple gives the company a greater standing in the global ranking and a competitive edge over its competitors. The company's overall project success also gives it opportunities for product expansion, and improved methods of risk assessment (Budnikas, 2016).

In conclusion, project management at Apple Inc. aims at making the project team members to deliver their best in various project implementation processes, as well as creating a result-oriented culture in the project team. Apple’s project managers have both the capability and capacity of making the company’s project teams to deliver the objectives of various company’s projects on time, with great quality and within schedule, through the use of various project team development techniques. Apple Inc. considers open communication and teamwork as critical elements of project success and the company’s project managers always ensure the existence of a conducive environment for effective and efficient performance of various project activities.


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