Police brutality.

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When a police officer uses excessive and needless brutality on people, he is said to be brutal. The police violence has been documented in a number of countries around the world. Several people have come to accept that police violence only happens against oppressed and marginalized communities as a result of the vice. These categories include youth, the young, the poor, and people of some races, such as blacks. Police violence manifests itself in a variety of ways. These types involve a civilian being killed by police bullets in mysterious circumstances, police beating up custodians, and people being taken anywhere other than the station after being arrested. These are the many types of police violence. In some instances, police are forced to use excessive force as required by the law. However, a clear difference between excessive force and police brutality has not yet been derived. The police are required to use excessive force when they are required to bring an incidence under control, capture a resisting suspect, or protect a fellow colleague. Critiques have criticized this since they don’t differentiate from brutality. They have thus defined police brutality on two grounds. The excess force that is used by police officers in situations that they hurry to resolve a violence. They have also defined it as using extra-legal violence by officers who exceed their bounds of office.
Incidences of police brutality across different countries
Police brutality is a topic in various states. Examples of some of the worst-hit countries include USA, China, Russia, Brazil, South Africa, North Korea, Iran, Egypt, Pakistan, Mexico. In the USA various allegations have been made against the police in the past recent years. Examples of cases that have stood out from the rest are the fatal shooting of Aaren Gwinn in 2008, police beating up Stretha Van Alston in 2009 who suffered from dialysis. The police have also harassed protestors in recent days (Hunsicker, pg. no 45). Cities that have experienced police brutality include Colorado, California and New York.
Chinese police have been accused of being corrupt and using force to extract confessions from suspects. Low-level crimes suspects end up dead since police use violence while arresting these police officers. A case study was when a man was beaten to death after he took a video between villagers and police. Research has shown that these brutalities have been caused by lack of funds to buy police cars, forensics gears, proper handcuffs and lack of proper training. South Africa has had several cases. In 1998, police set up dogs on illegal immigrants. In 2010-2011, 797 people died while in police custody. In the same year, Andries Tatane was shot by police officers and died. The police commissioner in the country encourages police officers to use excessive force hence increase in violence.
Brazilian police officers, especially in the City of God, are known to be violent. The police run their activities like military gangs while fighting drug gangs hence killing around three people per day. In Russia, police officers have been accused of using pedestrians as human shields. A journalist was also killed by police in Tomsk. North Korea, despite having the most inhumane prison system, they are also brutal on protestors. In Iran, after 2010 elections, 36 protestors were killed. Protestors who were arrested were also killed and raped in prison. Egypt police use force to extract information. This force includes the use of electric shocks. Pakistan police officers have been accused of being the most corrupt. One of the most notorious act was when they cut off a man`s penis in 2007. Mexican have been accused of being racists for killing a Nigerian man in 2011. They also torture suspects. Using examples, it is evident that police brutality is a global challenge. Incidents of torture by police, unnecessary deaths, poor prison services have been witnessed in many countries.
Causes of police brutality
Police brutality occurs because of several reasons. First, the psychological state of a police officer influences his reaction. If a suspect disrespect a police officer, the police officer is likely to use excessive force (15 things your city can do to end police brutality, 2017). A police officer will do this to punish the offender or proof to him that he deserves some respect. Police officers who profile according to their race or ethnic background are likely to be more brutal. The officer is likely to punish offenders from discriminated races or ethnicity more. Overreacting on a law offender due to her race or ethnicity is a form of police brutality. Since the officer is prejudiced, he may be brutal. In cases like these, the officer is likely to go scot-free since he may come up with a cover-up.
Police brutality can occur after a police officer decides to abuse his power. The police may decide to use the resources allocated to him. this has increased the level of corruption in some departments. a police officer may also be brutal due to fear. Such instances occur when police officers have witnessed various deaths caused by violence. These areas include drug congested streets. Thus fear, anger, racial profiling and abuse of power are some of the major causes of police brutality.
Proposed solutions to police brutality.
For one to deal with a challenge, one must minimize the causes of the challenges. for example, for police brutality to end, the system should reduce acts that they term as crimes. For example, New York city has 10,000 rules that police should enforce. Such acts include panhandling, sleeping on the subway, and being in parks after hours. These acts do not require punishments. In some cities, dressing codes are also looked at. Ignoring such acts will reduce police brutality. Governments can also reduce fines on offenders who fail to attend courts, this will reduce the number of people in prisons.
One of the major causes of police brutality is racial profiling. Thus, the government should ban racial policing. In 2013, a research showed that blacks and Latinos in Chicago were likely to be stopped in a stop more than whites (Cassandra, 2013). Policymakers should also make laws that are not biased in any manner. These laws include drug and search laws. Research shows that sixty percent of the prisoners in prison are blacks and Latinos. Police are also brutal while collecting their data. The police should thus be clear while collecting their data. The way they search on stops, frisk, use force, arrest and kill should be clear and they should be accountable. There are several ways of achieving this: use of body cameras during fieldwork and updating their portal are one of the remedies.
The third phase is when police officers have been accused of being brutal. First, the police should not be investigated by their close friends. The police departments should thus establish oversight authorities that are independent. Police should have limited access to various military equipment. this equipment includes armored vehicles, grenade launchers, large caliber weapons, and ammunition. Lastly, police officers should be trained to live as members of the community.
Top solutions based on feasibility, social responsibility, sustainability and fiscal responsibility
The first method is to establish oversight authorities that are independent. This body should deal with police officers who face brutality allegations. The board should also encourage civilians to record the police. Civilians should use their cameras to capture police officers while harassing civilians. The police should also have body cameras. Politicians who support police brutality should also be voted out (Cganemccalla, 2009). The outstanding voices in the society should discourage this behavior. These include musicians and entertainers. Civilians should also protest after police brutality incidences. Police recruits should be taught various things: justice and equality, implicit and institutional bias, relating with the community, arbitration and conflict resolution, appropriate engagement, using minimal force, understanding mentally ill people, cultural competency, appropriate engagement, dealing with different genders and dealing with sexual abuse cases.
Positive effects of top solutions on police brutality.
• If the oversight authority is implemented, police officers who are found guilty of police brutality are arrested, police officers will learn from these examples and thus quit the habit.
• The top solutions will promote transparency in the police departments. use of body cameras will make it easier for investigators and public understand what happened.
• Educating recruits on the above-mentioned grounds will prevent them from being biased. They will thus be able to conduct their activities as professionals.
Negative effects of top solutions on police brutality.
• It is difficult to implement the top solutions due to lack of funds. The solutions above require a lot of funds to implement them. For example, body cameras and oversight authorities.
• Detectives in the oversight authorities may be friends to the police. They may thus favor their friends.
• It may take a lot of time to educate police about all the fields. This training is also done for the recruits only. They may thus be infected with the old mentality when they get to the field.
• Making the police look biased may create differences between the police and the society members.
Most effective solution(s)
Police recruits should be taught various things: justice and equality, implicit and institutional bias, relating with the community, arbitration and conflict resolution, appropriate engagement, using minimal force, understanding mentally ill people, cultural competency, appropriate engagement, dealing with different genders and dealing with sexual abuse cases. This solution remains to be the most effective and the most effective method of reducing police brutality. However difficult it may sound, it will provide a permanent solution to the problem. The recruits may educate their elders on the importance of following such rules. Creating an oversight committee is also a good remedy to the challenge. However, if the committee is not independent, it may fail to achieve its mandate.
Being a police officer sounds tough. However, many people don’t understand the role of a police officer. A police officer should serve and protect community members. However, some police officers have opted to harass and arrest society members. Despite the grounds of their actions, this should not be their main roles. Thus, the increase in police brutality. The society should thus fuel their energy and resources towards fighting police brutality.

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