Policemen in the world

In every community, the police have traditionally served and guarded the populace. But when viewed globally, America has never enforced laws; instead, it has merely taken advantage of other countries.

Two international events that occurred in the last five years can be linked to a post-Civil War foreign or international strategy.

In Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya, American troops apprehended members of al Qaeda, including Osama bin Laden.

During the second uprising by the Libyan rebel army, NATO organizes airstrikes and missile strikes against the Gaddafi government.

Two different Aspects of the U.S. history since year 1865 that led to the rise of the US as a super power policing force

Industrial revolution/ Industrialization

Expansion of Economy

Promotion of World trade and Industrialization.

Urban development and expansion of cities.

The dollar standard exchange system to strengthen the economy.

The Cuban Missile Crisis

Termination of Diplomatic relations by the United States.

Evidence of Missile installations in Cuba by Senator Kenneth Keating.

Withdrawal of the US missiles from Turkey ending the Cuban missile crisis.

Three international activities since the Second World War where America has played a policing role.

The Second World War

Reverting the United States’ Economy into a war economy against the Axis powers

Investment in war instruments like guns, warships, planes, tanks, and ammunition

The invasion plan by Stalin, Churchill, and Roosevelt from the Tehran conference to liberate occupied.

Surrender of Japan and Germany after the nuclear bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima

The American Military Police in Europe

Law enforcement and protection of the rule of law.

Evacuation of prisoners of war.

Direct support to combat operations.

Vessel and ports security.

Vital Installations and VIP escort.

Convoy escort.

Intervention of America in the reconstruction of the German economy against the high prevailing inflation rates.

The fight against ISIS and other terrorist groups in Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq including Taliban and Al Qaeda.

Elimination of the Al Qaeda leader, Osama Bin Laden.

Neutralization of the Al Qaeda militants in Afghanistan.

Silencing and neutralization of Taliban militants.

Delivering of Mosul and other ISIS strongholds in Iraq.

Ongoing fight against ISIS in remaining cities in Syria.

Freeing of Iraq from the tyrannical Sadaam Hussein regime.

Logistical support of Israel in fights against Hezbolah and Hamaz.

Three of the driving forces that have catalyzed decisions on international involving international incidents

National security and cultural norms.

Elections, treaties as well as exit strategies

The global military presence and the American soldiers abroad.


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