gay marriage and social issues

Marriage has always been an essential part of life. It refers to the marriage of a man and a woman, except for gay couples, it refers to the slavery of two men. Gay marriage is a subject that has sparked intense discussion among people all over the world. Most societies are opposed to same-sex marriage and they agree that the matrimonial relationship should only be kept safe between a man and a woman (Burns 7). Individuals have learned over time that a husband and wife's dedication to love each other encourages the well-being of their children and the stability of the community (Burns 7). Nevertheless, some nations like the United States have legalized gay marriage and rightfully protected it by the law (ProCon). Consequently, statistics conducted on the united states public opinion show that in 1996, only twenty-seven percent of the participants were in approval of the gay marriage, while in 2018, the percentage rose to sixty-seven percent (ProCon). Notably, in the United States, proponents of legalization of gay marriage contend that same-sex union is discriminatory and unconstitutional; thus, they should have access to all the benefits that are relished by opposite-sex couples (ProCon). In recent years, activists and opponents of gay marriage have continued with their battle over the matter. However, some other nations such as Canada have made an extraordinary move with their justice board by legalizing gay marriage after declaring their exclusion being discriminatory (Burns 8). Thus, gay couples have been given cultural legitimacy in the states that have legalized same-sex union, despite activists and the church condemning the act (Burns 9). This paper examines the comparison and contrast of two middle-range theories that relate to gay marriage and an evaluation of the concepts to determine the most plausible.Comparison and Contrast of the Two Middle-Range Theory Middle range theories were developed by Robert K. Merton as a methodology to sociologically integrate theory and empirical facts in a consolidated manner (Merton 30). The concepts rely on observed phenomenon and creation of general statements that can be verified by data, thus, advocating that sociological research is crucial than theories (Merton 40). Merton alludes that various sociological concepts can be related to specific social issues such as the theory of the role of sets and the reference of groups among others that can be used to connect to specific social concepts (40). Thus, the best way to wrestle the issue of gay marriage is to analyze it using the two theories of the middle range. First, the role of sets theory gyrates around the concept of each social status associated with an array of roles (Merton 42). Therefore, analyzing the issue of gay marriage on the perspective presents the conflict about the immutable rights guaranteed to every citizen of a free society. As a result, the groups are granted the free will to choose their preference on the issue of gay marriage. Advocates of the same-sex marriage contend that they are equal to other citizens; thus, they have the right to live with whoever they want to in their capacity (Brown). Secondly, the theory of reference of groups encompasses on the ideology that people often take the standards of other relevant bodies or individuals to evaluate themselves (Merton 40). Noteworthy, scrutinizing the issue of gay marriage following the perception, reveals that the society tends to be a stable body that relies on various unified functions for its counterbalance (Merton 40). For instance, the authorities relied upon, encompass the regime, conviction, household unit. Over the year, the religious organization believes that civilization has been the basis of bearing children and passing on the societal norms and values (Merton 42).Comparatively, the two theories give rise to inferences drawn from evidence and conclusion. The dualistic concepts allow individuals to make their own choice regarding their preference in marriage. For instance, in theory about the role of sets, individuals are allowed to make their free will during the union, more so, regarding the concept of reference of groups, superior bodies such as the government have legalized gay marriage in some states; thus, individuals can make their own preferred choices in their union. On the contrary, the theory of the role of sets allows individuals to make their decision concerning their free will, whereas on the concept of reference groups certain bodies such as the government have to legalize particular issues such as gay marriage for the individuals to make their own preferred choices regarding the social concepts. For instance, relating to the point on gay marriage, the theory of role of sets allows gay groups to make their preference regarding the matter, while on the concept of reference of groups, gay couples have to rely on certain bodies such as the government to legalize the issue so that they can make their choice on gay marriage.Evaluation of the Most Plausible Theory Therefore, regarding the two arguments, the concept of the role of sets tends to be the most plausible, since individuals can make their own preferred choice on the matter of gay marriage without relying on certain bodies like the government to legalize the issue.Conclusively, the middle range theories have presented two concepts that can relate to the issue of gay marriage. The two philosophies include the idea of reference of groups and the role of sets. The ideology regarding the reference to groups involves relying on specific groups to decide something so that an individual can make a choice. On the other hand, the role of sets involves particular groups making their preferred decisions on specific issues. Thus, the two concepts relate with the issue of gay marriage, with the theory of the role of sets tending to be the most plausible since individuals can make their preference without relying on certain bodies in the society. Works CitedBrown, Anna. Five key findings of LGBT Americans. 2018. Web. 28 10 2018. .Burns, Kate. Gay Marriage. New York: Greenhaven Press, 2005. Print.Merton, Robert K. On sociological theories of the middle range. New York: The Free Press, 1968. Print.ProCon. Should gay marriage be legal? 25 10 2015. Web. 10 27 2018. .

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