Application of Statistics in Everyday Life

Statistics is the mathematical science involving equations that are used to solve and analyze daily activities in the world around us.  Today, we have great knowledge of the world around us, and this information was collected mathematically through statistics (DeGroot " Schervish, 2012). We can use statistics to tell what...

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Analysis of Skewness

Skewness Skewness is asymmetrical in a statistical distribution, where the curve appears distorted or concentrated either to the left or to the right. Skewness can be used to define the extent to which a distribution differs from normal distribution. When a curve or distribution in a graph is classical or symmetrical,...

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Despite the existence of numerous meanings, outliers are understood as data points which are far outside the standard for a population or a variable. The outlier could be an observation or a reading that is too different from other readings to the extent that it raises suspicion in regards to...

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Correlation Design

A correlation design tries to find a relationship between two variables. According to Curtis, Comiskey Dempsey (2015), correlational designs tend to determine if an increase in one variable causes a corresponding decrease or increase in the other variable. In research studies, researchers use various types of correlational designs...

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Mean, Standard Deviation and Confidence Interval

The mean of the data is 14.8 while the standard deviation is 6.7646138. It means that on average, people spend 14.8 hours per week on cleaning. The standard deviation of 6.7646 shows the spread of the data from the actual mean. Using t-statistic, the confidence interval can be given as  S= 6.7646138,...

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The Appropriate Data Analysis Techniques for the Study

The type of food eaten determines eating habits of individuals. 2. How DNA affects height. Variables: Independent: DNA                  Dependent: Height Hypothesis: The DNA of an individual has impact on tallness or shortness of a person. Data Analysis How Food affects Habits The appropriate data analysis techniques for the study will be use of Statistical Package for...

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Assessment of Electronic Components: Analyzing Silicon Properties, Diodes, and MOSFETs

You should submit your completed assignment to your tutor, arriving no later than Wednesday 25th April, 2018. Question 1 (carries 22% of marks) (a)A specimen of p-type silicon is 6mm in length, 2mm in width and 1mm thick. Its electricalresistance is 300 ꭥ measured along the length at room temperature. Assume that...

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Identifying and Measuring Angles

Geometry is important in engineering science and mathematics. In order for students with prospects in such fields to have a better understanding of their career content, a solid background is needed in mathematical modules and units such as geometry. In this subject,...

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Analyzing Data and Making Judgments

The data collected will be analyzed by the researchers who are conducting the study. The researchers will also coordinate the effort of analysis. 2 How will data be analyzed and displayed? The analyzed data will be displayed using tables and graphs. 3 Against what “standards” will you compare your...

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The Nature of Difficulty: Psychological Perspectives and Solutions

Difficulty in Studying Mathematics Difficulty can be well described as the fact or state of being hard to do, deal with or understand a situation or condition. The difficulty, however, ought not to imply desperation or destruction since to accomplish some situations, some levels of difficulties have to be experienced. When...

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Snell's Law

Snell’s law or the Law of Refraction is .Consider a light ray which travels from fixed points P to Q. The ray will choose the quickest route (through the point X, which is not fixed) and so minimize the time of travel. The light ray has velocity CA in medium...

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Z-Scores and Normal Approximations

The negative value denotes that the labor cost of $75 was 0.681818 standard deviations lower than the average television repair cost of $90. The z-score for the  $100 labor cost From the z-value, positive  implies that the repair cost was above the mean cost by 0.454545 standard deviations. Question 2 Part a The shaded region...

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