Adoption versus Purchase from Breeders

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Adoption includes the acquisition of animals from shelters which serve as sanctuaries or rescue centers. The animals that are in within that setup result out of the neglect by using the owners, abandonment or mistreatment from the given owners. The type of animals majorly falls under the category of pets such as cats and dogs. The adopters have interaction in their activities due to myriad reasons. There are chances of one to acquire a pet or animal via adoption or via purchasing from breeders. The merits and demerits of adoption and shopping for will be covered and then the best mode of pet acquisition determined (Overall, Christine).
There are many pets like cats that families house for various reasons. Cats, for instance, are kept to help arrest the infestation of vermin such as rats. They may also be reared for aesthetic value purposes. Some owners get fed up with the pets and then abandon them in areas far away from their premises so that they can stray and never trace their way back home. Different humane society organizations cropped so as to restore the sanity that had set in. Shelters were innovated so as to accommodate the stray or abandoned animals that were gathered from the streets. The animals that were rescued and put under the shelters were subjected to different advantageous conditions that enabled them to feel at home away from home. Institutions such as the Humane Society of the United States played a pivotal role in trying to tame the appalling situation that faced the stray animals. The animals were given vaccination against the onslaught of diseases and hence enabling the animals within the shelter to be immune to maladies. The immune system of the pets is enhanced and that makes them regain health and improve their performance. The pets undergo spaying under the care of the people in charge of the shelters. The rescue of the animals helps to save the lives of the animals and hence averting the tragedies that befall stray animals since they have no one to tend to them. The animals are fed and given efficient and sufficient medical care that enables them to be healthy and presentable. That helps to spread the love to animals which, in turn, fosters harmony in nature (Friedmann, Erika, and Sue Thomas).
Adoption of pets aids in counteracting the population explosion of pets. This is because of the fact that there are very many households that have pets. Some owners back down to the pressure of fending and caring for them until they decide to throw them in the streets so that they can offset their challenges. That wreaks havoc on the animals and the society at large. The animals at adoption shelters are sterilized permanently so that they do not contribute to the population after they are adopted and hence controlling the rising number of pets that prove a menace or a burden to the care of the owners. The control of the reproductive capacity of the pets allows for the effective management of pets can be done and the prevalence of stray cats and dogs prevented.
The adoption of pets is the most versatile way to salvage the lives of animals. Humanity is something that should be universal to all. The adoption of animals helps in safeguarding the integrity and sovereignty of humanity. There are many cases that have recorded concerning the massive euthanasia that is done to depopulate the breeders that contain high numbers of animals. Adopting a pet from a shelter is better since it saves the lives of the others that are bound to be killed via euthanasia.
Adoption of animals from shelters helps give the animals a second chance to survive. This is because they are liberated from the dangers that prevail in the open. The animals get to enjoy the goodies that come with the aspect of living under the custodian of somebody. They get to bond and intimate with his or her benefactor. The animal gets to unleash its potential term of service to the owner and hence getting to appreciate life to the fullest ion the full companionship of its owner.
Adoption of pets from shelters is fairly cheaper than buying from breeders. The animals are sometimes given free of charge after the custodians of the shelters have established the right prospective adopters. The adopter is relieved from the duty of vaccination and neutering. The adopter is able to own pets that are disease-free and the one that cannot contribute to his other pet population since it is sterile. The population remains pure and undefiled in term of gene flow. That is because the adopted animal cannot mate and produce as a result of infertility (Liu, Yu Ling et al.). Deworming, health guidance, and treatment are already undertaken by the custodians of the shelter. Besides, the custodians of the shelter can take back the animal that may manifest deleterious or unwanted character traits and then replace it with a better one. This is chiefly prevalent in the case of private rescue groups.
Adopting mixed breed animals helps one avoid situations where the animals suffer from frequent attack by diseases and infections. This is because the mixed breeds have the genetic pre-adaptation against the contracting of diseases due to the possession of high immunity through the inheritance process in the lineage.
The purchase of animals from breeders is very expensive since one need to undertake the vaccination process, treatment, guidance on health and other vetting requirements of the animals.

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