Why should people be an organ donor?

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Fine people good morning. I’m chars from Emaden. I’m here to remind you about the need to donate transparent organs. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our trainer for organizing the event and give me the opportunity to inform the audience about the need to become organ donors that is important to civil engagement.
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Imagine yourself in a hospital bed, where the nurse tells you that your kidneys only operate for two weeks and the only possible option is to do a transplant as fast as possible. The nursing practitioner further request you to ask the family members to donate the kidneys for you as the demand for the transplanted kidneys is higher than the supply. You imagine that your survival is independent on the kidney transparent and there are no enough kidneys in the hospitals for your transplant.

We have to acknowledge that there are no enough organ donors, a problem currently affecting survival of many people. The speech is very relevant to us as it will enable us to be socially responsible by showing care and concern to others and helping in maintaing of human dignity and preservation of life as argued out by Sharif, (Pg. 22). Failure to increase the rate of organ transparent may translate to increase in number of deaths triggered by the insufficiency in donation.

To prove my credibility, I have thoroughly researched the topic on the need for people to be organ donors and the associated benefits to individuals and the society as a whole. I am concerned with this topic of people becoming organ donor as it will save life, and foster unity and cohesiveness in the society.

Purposes/Thesis Statement

If one is not infected then he/she is affected by the problem of organ transplant; therefore we must take responsibility and offer to donate organs with a purpose of saving life. My speech is focused at persuading the audience (fellow classmates) to donate organs to reduce the death rates, address the shortage, and bring hope to those who are desperate for the transparent.

Preview of the Main Points

First, I will discuss the current problem of reduction in human organ donors and a real life story relating to the challenge. On the same point I will discuss the need for donating organs.

Second I will discuss solution to the problem of organ donation shortage.

Finally, I will discuss the corrective action to be undertaken by audience to increase the rate of organ donation.


Research indicates an increase in number of deaths attributed to inadequacy in organ donation. In an interval of ten minutes, one person gets to the organ waiting list. On average 20 people die daily waiting for organ transplant. Over 116, 000 people are currently awaiting to receive organ transplant in 2017 as stated by Tapley, Patrick, and Peter, (Pg. 26). In one instance, Doen, a novice student in California was faced with a challenge of lung malfunctioning which was caused by the allergic status to strong scent. The x-rays indicated the lungs had been damaged and would only support life for only three weeks. Therefore, he was given a lung transparent as the only alternative. He was not lucky as the hospital waiting list for the lungs was long and was not guaranteed of getting a lung for transparent. None of the relatives and friends was willing to donate one of the lungs. Eventually Doen died a painful death which left the friends and relatives guilty.

If we don’t commit to solve this problem then our people will continue to die from lack of organ donations. So how do we solve this problem?

Now that I have discussed the current problem/need relating to inadequate organ donation, I will to proceed to discuss the solution to the identified challenge.



The only solution to this problem is engagement of more people in organ donation to save life.

According to Hoeyer, Klaus, and Anja, (P. 598) if one person donates an organ, he/she may save the lives of 8 people, hence on average 13 new organ donors could save at least 104 lives. Out of the 95% U.S adults who support organ donation, only 54% donate the organs.

There is need to increase the percentage of organ donor considering the growth in number of patient in organ transplant waiting list, as compared to the rate of transplantation and donation as pointed out by Liberman, (Pg.131).

The increase in number of donor save more lives as one individual can 8 donate critical organs which include the heart, lungs, pancreas, 2 kidneys, and intestines.

Increased organ transplant will increase the rate of cohesiveness in the society.

Transition: how will be future state of the problem if we don’t take action towards increasing the number of organ donors? How will we change the future situation if we get more involved in organ donation?


Imagine at a certain point you or your immediate family members get informed that one of you needs an organ transplant. You then find out that you are in the list of people who need organ donation. Unfortunately, you find out there are no enough organs because people have not donated adequately.

We must accept the fact that if we fail to become organ donors, then our members of the society will continue to die of the same due to organ shortage.

We must also realize that, if action is not taken to increase the number of organ donors, the number of patient in the waiting list will continue to die.

There is evidence that if more people become organ donors, the rate of patient in waiting list will reduce considerably as well as the death rates (Chamberlain, pg. 48).

Can we imagine ourselves being victims and dying due to organ shortage?


In closing, let us get to know our mandate in addressing the shortage in organ donation.



In conclusion, the society is facing a major problem of lack of organ donors which has resulted in loss of life, hopelessness and disunity in the society. More people are required to donate organs as some are declined during the screening. Some organs also do not match the recipient blood type, thus more organs need to be availed.

In solving the problem of organ shortage, we must take responsibility and offer ourselves to donation.

If we get more engaged in giving out our functional organs, we will save life and reduce the shortage or even eradicate the problem completely.

I call upon all of us to immediately start by registering in the DonatelifeNC.org and offer your interest in donating an organ.

I will personally be among those who will donate an organ this month, and I will continue fostering awareness on the need for humans to become organ donors.

Thesis Restatement

I believe I have delivered the primary purposes of my speech by persuading you on the need to become organ donors to reduce the shortage, death rate, and foster hope for the patient.


The fact is that our commitment and volunteering to donate organs will save life reduce the number of deaths attributed to the same, and will also foster human dignity as well as increase cohesiveness and unity in the society.

Thank you all for your time, and I welcome two questions on the same.

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