Eric Bentley, a theatre refers to a performance done for someone else.

Original Text:

Eric Bentley notes that a theater refers to a show performed for another human. The neolithic cave paintings are seen to be shifted when light reaches the cave in the film Cave of Lost Dreams. The classical chorus provided time for changes to both the actors and scene breaks. In the traditional Greek theaters Theatron was a venue (Claycomb). The chorus was performed in the Antigone by seven characters, twelve actors. Although masked on the face to protect or perform, the costumes in Greek theaters allowed the actors without being recognized by the public to appear in many different roles. The Kabuki and Bunraku theaters use puppets in performances.

Question 8-15

A noh play category represents a group of performance based on tales from a cultural perspective describing a scenario where a supernatural being is transformed into a human being. Antigone is a comedy. The Indonesian theatre form wayang kulit is performed at night as it depends on darkness. Popular entertainments in Rome included the gladiators and bloody scenes, and they were shown in theatres such as Circus Maximus and Campus. The main characters in Japanese cinemas wear masks while the supporting actors wear make-up. The theatre markers include; landmark designs, props, characters, the audience and the backstage. A liturgical drama is a play having theatrical elements that are presented in a less complicated ritual. Vernacular scene refers to a comedy play performed in the native language of a given people. A hell mouth relates to an entrance to hell as highlighted by a monster's mouth.

Question 16-20

The stories in the old plays originated from the activities experienced between the fall of West Roman Empire and the Renaissance. The Greek worshipped Dionysus during drama contests. Exposition refers to the act of giving more details while protagonists refer to a leading or main character. The Sanskrit and the Kabuki drama. In both, the Sanskrit and the Kabuki drama depict joy and sadness (Damen). Moreover, prose accompanies the play and death instances are not represented during the performance. On the other hand, Kabuki is more related to the traditional Japanese styles as compared to Sanskrit. The Kabuki stage has footbridge as opposed to Sanskrit. The Sanskrit underlines the theme of love in almost all the plays contrary to the Kabuki. Antigone ends with a message as highlighted by Creon underscoring the fact that 'Punishment brings wisdom.'

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