Growing up as an identical twin brother was a bittersweet experience

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Growing up like an identical twin brother was a bittersweet feeling for me. I had a wonderful time spending my childhood with my closest friend, who was also my twin brother, but at the same time, it was a big challenge. I feel like I didn’t have my identity as a person because we couldn’t be distinguished by anyone, so they referred to us as twins rather than our names. We dressed and cut our hair differently, but people could still not distinguish us, they always seemed to be comparing the two of us in everything we did, and when one of us was dragging behind, the other was expected to know what was happening and naturally jump in and help. Despite being in different classes and trying to have separate identities, we shared many interests. We played the same games, studied the same subjects and shared almost all friends.

When I was ten, my need to stand out as an individual became stronger, the issue was becoming a mental struggle. I wanted us to stop sharing friends, doing the same things and being in the same place. That made us often quarrel and sometimes even fight. I had a more significant passion for basketball, and I wanted my brother to stop playing, but blood is thicker than water, I realized that I was selfish and unfair to him so I decided to stop playing. Such instances were me trying to be my own man and differentiate myself from my brother. My parents were always supportive of my quest to find my own identity, and slowly I began to realize that we were different people through our tastes, opinions, traits and our way of thinking. This helped me understand that being twins did not necessarily mean that we would live all our lives in the same light, that we both had differences despite looking similar. I realized that accepting the little differences we had was what was going to define me as a separate individual to my brother.

I pride myself on being a man of many occasions though I never run for any public positions in school since I find them meaningless due to the little work accomplished. I like spending time with my friends, travelling and interacting with different cultures. I believe in leading a healthy life hence I’m quite strict on my diet and workout routine. I am an environmentally friendly person, working with NRCS and I like getting involved in voluntary community programs such as caring for the elderly and mentoring young people in any way I can, such as academics and games. I have a particular passion for sports having taken the position of tennis instructor in our community sports program. Academically, I’m quite comfortable, especially in math and science, having participated in the math and robotics club in middle school and finishing first and second runners-up in the state respectively. Being a straight-A student, I have a SAT score of 1470 and have taken AP classes in biology and chemistry with a score of 4 and physics and calculus class (senior year).

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