Reflection Paper

This paper displays on my ten-hour service learning project at Friendly House in Worcester. It entails things that I learned, community service, food pantry, immigration service, after school programs, millinery, etc. Also, the paper will encompass what I was able to achieve in the course of this service learning as anticipated and outlined in the pre-reflection paper.
Considering there are severa tasks one would engage on in Worcester, the teen program was once my favorite of all. I engaged in Get Lite Dance, a dance that starts in Harlem, New York City. Harlem shake and other innovative moves were thrilling. Also, I hit the gym in boot camp which ambitions to get one in shape, build muscles, and promote endurance. In Council Crew – Street Team program, I learned how to voice my ideas, hold a debate, plan activities, and solve problems as well how to interact with social media as we updated the organization’s social websites. Finally, my last stop in the teen program was Teen Lounge. In this program, I learned teen concerns, food pantry, dancing, and staffing and organization of various community service based programs such as Halloween parties. These activities helped me to identify and deal with the evolving complexities of my life effectively.

Since it was Thanksgiving Day, I volunteered in community or social and food service program to assist in food distribution to the needy families. Also, I engaged in immigration, translation, and naturalization services. I introduced Worcester’s immigrants to customs and traditions of their new neighborhood as well as help them in becoming an essential part of civic life. These two programs assisted me in getting acquainted with various cultural backgrounds as I socialized with the immigrants.

Essentially, I was able to learn different activities as anticipated in the pre-reflection paper where I finalized by looking into all the programs I engaged on and came up with a plan that can help in the management of the finances donated. I realized there is a disparity in the distribution of money donated to the house. Therefore, I recommend that more funds be allocated to programs that assist the physically challenged. On the other hand, teen programs can be used to raise funds through creating community outreach events such as camping, street dance competition, football matches, and theatrics.


Friendly House. (2017/2/4).Retrieved from:

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