Meyers Briggs and Kolb's Learning Style Inventory Reflective Paper

One important method for determining a person's learning preferences is the Kolb's Learning Style Inventory (LSI). The ideal connection between the experiences of the present and the behaviors of the future is described by the Kolb's experimental learning cycle. Preston (2016) asserts that the model contends that learning is a circular process that includes direct experience, critical reflection, abstract conceptualization, and active experimentation. The Meyers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), a useful tool for analyzing interpersonal relationships, is another. By using this tool, one can enhance their capacity for productive interaction (Lewis et al., 2017). I took this test, and it allowed me to discover more about my study habits, learning preferences, and academic achievement. The results presented some ideas on how to improve my learning styles. This present study focuses on my learning performance in a class presentation and reflects on my personal process of learning, acquisition of skills, and career development. This study follows the Experimental Learning Cycle and the MBTI model to evaluate my ideas and learn about future actions.


I was appointed to be a team leader in a class group that was expected to handle an assignment. The whole group was expected to participate in the assignment and come up with a unified answer. As the group leader, I was to ensure proper functioning of the group and also present the assignment before the class. The assignment was completed successfully but during the presentation I was anxious and I was not able to present the assignment as expected.

1. Concrete Experience (CE)

In concrete experience, the learner uses their feelings and their reactions to an experience to influence their learning process.

In thinking back on the presentation, I started to realize to what extent my reactions and behavior had an impact on the situation. I had no previous experience on presentations and delivery of assignment before a large crowd. Therefore, I was feeling uncomfortable due to my lack of techniques required in a presentation. As the team leader to present the assignment, I needed to learn more on how to undertake the group through our presentation. To ensure a good presentation I could have developed my public speaking skills.

2. Reflective Observation (RO)

In reflective observation, the learning process is influenced by watching and listening.

I had discomfort on my physical appearance and I was not comfortable with my communication skills that created a language barrier with the rest of the class. In the presentation, I lost the design and went out of the outline that was created by the group several times. I was unable to give appropriate feedback to questions that were asked by the tutor and the students. The situation that was in the classroom made me feel uncomfortable especially with the members of the classroom being silent and listening to me. However, the group members were able to motivate me and they encouraged me throughout the presentation. In looking back at the presentation, I have learned that the uncomfortable feeling I had is a natural feeling especially since it was my first presentation and I was nervous since I had no experience.

3. Abstract Concepts (AC)

The thinking and analyzing of the problems present are used to influence their learning. Preston (2016) writes that the analyzing is done using a systematic method.

The assignment and the presentation was a good experience since I was able to realize my short falls in various sectors such as public speaking. In leading the group in undertaking the assignment, my leadership skills were shaped and I learned how to deliver effectively. The knowledge and skills are important in my career as I develop on delivering of assignments, dealing with people, and presentation before a group of people.

4. Active Experimentation (AE)

The learner uses their participation in doing things and their influence by being results driven to learn.

The group was important as it helped me learn through our interactions and exchange of skills and knowledge in accomplishing the assignment. I learned skills such as creativity, role playing, and how to handle different situations in life. The group members were encouraging and they ensured that the ideas and skills of all participants were appreciated which helped bring a social environment that promoted sharing and development of great ideas. According to Fuller (2015), active engagement among peers is vital as it leads to a deep learning where the students are able to understand concepts and the meaning of theories.


The tools applied in this personal experience have revealed my learning style as the diverging style using the Kolb's Learning Style Inventory results. On the other hand, the Meyers Briggs Personality Type results revealed that I have an Introversion, Sensing, Thinking, and Judgment (ISTJ) personality. This personality indicates that I am a quiet, practical, and reserved person. My character enables me to ensure that everything that I had undergone in the presentation was corrected and in future, I would be able to undertake a quality presentation.



Fuller, C. P. (2015). Organizational culture: Leadership strategies, outcomes, and effectiveness. New York: Nova Publishers

Lewis, K. L., Erby, L. A. H., Bergner, A. L., Reed, E. K., Johnson, M. R., Adcock, J. Y., & Weaver, M. A. (June 01, 2017). The Dynamics of a Genetic Counseling Peer Supervision Group. Journal of Genetic Counseling, 26, 3, 532-540.

Preston, N. (2016). Learning styles and strategies: Assessment, performance, and effectiveness. Hauppauge, New York: Nova Science Publisher's

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