Learning Methods

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The learning process that in every classical state has a higher order of synchronization is known as the conditioned stimulus (CS). In this scenario, a guy with a black and white striped shirt was already used to the birds and blew a whistle because he was the one who fed them. So, they replied every time he came and flew down to feed them. The referee came in with a black and white striped jersey when the match started and blew a whistle that the birds were already used to this situation, so they gave the same answer as before when it presented itself again (Mackintosh & John 149). This method of learning is used to training animals.

Situation two

The type of learning observed here is an operant conditioning, namely, trial. Buses in this scenario had no schedule to keep up so one was never sure when they would come. Over time, people had already developed patience due to the trail condition. When drivers went on a strike, it was already something that passengers used to buses having an irregular schedule, so they had to wait for long hours till they had finally lost hope and chose an alternative means of getting home (Mackintosh & John 199). Passengers had already learned that they always had to try so when there were no buses.


Learning theory as elaborated in the essay shows how circumstances may make a person develop new strategies for dealing with the matter. We see that both man and the animal could always adjust to situations that will solve their problems. For instance, due to the norm of the birds seeing a man in black in white, they always understood it was feeding time. The second example also showed that, despite the fact that people were used to the bus, they had to find another option of going home.

Work Cited

Mackintosh, Nicholas John. Conditioning and associative learning. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1983. 144- 274

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