Essays on Contemporary History

The modern ambulatory care nursing

Modern ambulatory care nursing evolved in various ways throughout the twentieth century, most notably in the last quarter of the century (Urman & Desai, 2012). After nearly 20 years of focusing on healthcare, several substantial changes happened in the health care system in the last part of the twentieth century....

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The regulation of railroads

Railroad regulation began in the late nineteenth century as a result of the recognition that railways controlled the transportation business (Gómez-Ibáez, J. A., & de Rus, 2006). Around this time, the automotive and aviation industries were in their infancy. As a result, railroads were the dominant mode of transportation for...

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Evolution of modern management

The evolution of modern management began in the late nineteenth century. Management evolved as a result of the industrial revolution, which swept through Canada, Europe, and the United States of America. At the time, small-scale enterprises run by skilled workers expanded or were supplanted by factories that produced things on...

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Kings Cross station

Together with St. Pancras, which opened 16 years later, Kings Cross station served as the hub of London's transportation system in the 19th century when it first opened in 1852. (Worthington and Awinda 2014, p. 207). The two locations were very significant in London, and even today, one can still...

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About William Stanley Jevons

William Stanley Jevons was a philosopher, financial specialist, and rationalist who predicted several early twentieth-century advancements. The economist was a key proponent of the marginal revolution, which revolutionized monetary theory and transferred traditional to modern financial problems (Ekelund and Hébert 2013, p. 43). He was the first financial analyst to...

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Slavery Abolishment Act

Slavery began in America in 1619 at Jamestown, Virginia, a British colony at the time. The American Revolution against the British in Delaware and Virginia in 1776 and 1778 witnessed the first hints of slave trade abolition. From 1777 through 1780, thirteen British colonies began a gradual emancipation of Africans....

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Democracy in contemporary world

Democracy is a form of administration where citizens in a country are represented by elected officials. Control or rule by a majority through representation is what it entails. However, as the concepts of democracy face many obstacles, they have been the focus of discussion and conflict. This idea is also...

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Cyber Warfare: An Exploratory Case Study

A review of some cyberwarfare solutions is provided below. Attacking another nation's computer systems is known as cyberwarfare. There are indications that the practice will continue to increase since it has been more common in recent years. Creating effective worldwide standards and ensuring that every country has stringent laws surrounding...

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Gettysburg or Vicksburg

Other than Gettysburg or Vicksburg, the Emancipation Proclamation controversy had a huge impact on how the American Civil War turned out. Other nations, who were unable to participate in conflicts over slavery because of European participation, benefited from the event. The incident ultimately led to a union victory, which was...

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The Republic of Cuba

The Republic of Cuba is well known for being the Western hemisphere's first Communist state. Since the Cuban revolution, which pushed Fidel Castro to power, the country has been ruled by an authoritarian regime. The Castro brothers controlled with an iron grip because authoritarianism is a prominent aspect of Cuban...

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Congress and Presidency Power Relation

The book Congressional Responses to the Twentieth Century by Samuel P. Huntington best discusses the relationship between the presidency and Congress and why it has changed. Hunting contends that the relationship of power between the Presidency and Congress has shifted as a result of changes in American culture. The society...

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Equality vs Abolition

Abolition vs equality is a topic that has dominated American history, dating back to the period of slavery and the Civil War. Before the American Civil War, abolitionists advocated for the abolition of slavery and were involved in a variety of activities aimed at emancipating slaves. On the other hand,...

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