Essays on British Empire

Arthur – The Legendary Hero of Medieval Britain

Arthur was a legendary figure of medieval Britain who became one of its greatest warriors, knights and kings. He is credited with defeating giants, witches and monsters and for founding the kingdom Camelot and the Knights of the Round Table. He also became a powerful source of morality for writers,…

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The Elizabethan Times

The period of time that is generally known as the elizabethan times was one of the most prosperous periods in England’s history. It was also a period of great discovery and exploration. During this era the first person to circumnavigate the world was Francis Drake, and the country began to…

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Identities in sports, gender, and culture

Since Britain colonized India and India gained its freedom, women have been systematically marginalized in practically every aspect of society. Similar to this, sports became one of the main contexts where discrimination against women flourished and powerfully showed in illustrating gender inequities in a male-dominated culture. The situation in the…

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The British Industrial Revolution

The British industrial revolution was a major turning point in the history of Britain. This period saw the rise of many new inventions and innovations that made manufacturing much easier and more profitable. The revolution also brought about the creation of new industries and towns throughout Britain. The reason that…

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A Guide to British History

Britain’s history spans hundreds of thousands of years and has seen a great range of social, societal and political changes. It has also been the setting for many landmark events, including the Roman invasion and the emergence of the Tudor dynasty. The earliest known humans arrived in these lands around…

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The House of Victorian stylish

The Victorian Westerfield house in San Francisco served as a platform for the exploration of its architecture, history, and technique. The residence, designated as landmark 135, is located to the northwest of Alamo Square. It had long been regarded as a cultural cornerstone. The House’s architecture was a product of…

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Artist’s Essay by Damien Hirst

One of the most gifted artists in British history is Damien Hirst. His approach to painting, however, is unusual and perplexes many, leading them to wonder if his creations are genuine or only illusions. Damien’s work obviously takes a severe approach to humor, but at least everyone can agree that…

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Henry IV – The King of France

Henry IV’s reign was troubled from the start. He usurped the throne from Richard II and wanted to lead a crusade to the Holy Land. He also had trouble with the borders with Scotland and Wales and was at odds with the Percy family and Edmund Mortimer. These factors weighed…

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King Charles I

You may have heard about Charles I before. He is an English king who inherited the English throne. He persecuted Catholics and Puritans, reintroduced a feudal tax on ship money, and reformed the Church of England. However, you may be wondering what he did during his reign. Charles inherited the…

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Shakespeare’s Henry V

In Henry V, Shakespeare focuses on the king himself, and the role of the king in society. Henry is fair, compassionate, and orderly, and he rewards the good while punishing the bad. He takes responsibility for his power, and he is an excellent political strategist. He also is a ferocious…

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Anglo-Boer War

The Anglo-Boer War is a contested history of South Africa. This article aims to shed light on this conflict and explore the influences it had on World War I and the Amnesty for the Boers. It will also look at the effects of the war on the British Empire. This…

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Facts About Richard III

Richard III is a play by William Shakespeare. First performed in 1599 by the conglomerate of Admiral’s Men and Lord Strange’s Men, it was produced regularly throughout the 1600s. It was subsequently performed at the Globe and at court until 1633. Its first title role was played by Richard Burbage,…

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