Essays on British Empire

The Meaning of Stonehenge

The Lascaux Paleolithic Cave Paintings The Lascaux paleolithic cave paintings are among the famous paintings not only in France but also all over the world. In fact, Lascaux is among the World Heritage sites. In Lascaux, there are several cave paintings with different meanings and purposes with the famous paintings being...

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Gender Role

In the Victorian era: questioning gender roles In the Victorian era, males were not only the society's protectors and providers, but also its rulers and decision-makers. Women, on the other hand, were homemakers, moms, and wives. It was common for males to own all the property, and wives to rely on...

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Effects of hospital care environment on patient mortality and nurse outcomes

This article's primary goal was to ascertain how the hospital's environment for patient and nurse treatment impacts outcomes. Numerous studies have been carried out to identify the variables that influence nurse and patient outcomes; however, none of these studies have concentrated solely on the contribution of the care environment to...

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Victorian Age Gender Roles

The Victorian Period: A Significant Historical Period The longest-reigning monarch in British history, Queen Victoria, inspired the name of the Victoria period (1837–1901). Due to Britain's vast global empire, which included a quarter of the world's people, it is a significant historical period. There had been a significant social change at...

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What does it mean to say that African American is a new world identity and that they created themselves?

African Americans: A New World Identity African Americans lack understanding of their native continent of Africa and are unable to identify with Americans, making them a new world identity. Once they arrived in America, they were unable to speak their native tongue and were forced to acquire a new language in...

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What does George Orwell’s Burmese Days tell us about the nature of the British Empire?

The Expansion of the British Empire She was able to impose her supremacy over various regions around the world through military and economic means, which greatly contributed to the expansion of the British Empire. It was able to accumulate enough wealth through the economic exploitation of largely uncivilized communities in America,...

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18th-century England Class System

Thoughts on the Aristocracy of England: An Examination of 18th Century England Henry Hooper's essay, Thoughts on the Aristocracy of England, heavily borrows from its title for its primary subject. As a result, the article's subject is: An examination of the English nobility that is both critical and informative. Aristocratic Ideologies and...

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The discovery of America

The Impact of the Discovery of America The globe underwent a sea change after America was discovered. During the Columbian exchange and the eras before it, America's strategic location, human potential, and resource endowment provided a chance to advance agriculture, trade, societal development, and commerce. The modern United States of America...

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Science and technology

Introduction It is impossible to overstate the impact that science and technology have had on our existence. Science and technological advancements have not only hastened the advancement of civilization but also aided humans in their interaction with environment. Through their research into the laws governing the world, their discovery of the...

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The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins (Penguin Classics)

The Woman in White, written in 1859 by a man named Wilkie Collins, is regarded as one of the most exciting and outstanding thrillers. The themes in the text are appropriately contextualized by the author, who easily adjusts them to reflect the Victoria period of the middle of the nineteenth...

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Stephen Greenblatt's ‘The Restoration and the Eighteenth Century’

The Restoration and the Eighteenth Century by Stephen Greenblatt started in 1660, the year King Charles II was reinstated to the English throne. According to Stephen Greenblatt, the revival took place between 1660 and 1785. The unification of England, Scotland, and Wales as one country, known as Great Britain, was...

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Great Britain colonies

King George III oversaw the colonization of the United States by the British Empire. The colonists from America were mistreated by his government. For instance, American citizens were required to pay taxes and were denied the ability to deal with nations other than Britain. The colonists, however, were not entitled...

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