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About civic humanism

Agrarian law, by extension, applies to Roman laws that control the division of public lands (Black 2). The agrarian law was the only one of the four documents that mandated the signing of a peace treaty. In this situation, the landlords decided to give up approximately 60% of their property….

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Gary Soto – A Collection of Poems and Memoirs

Gary Soto is an American poet, novelist, and memoirist. He has received numerous awards for his works, and is widely considered one of the best contemporary writers. His poetry and essays have been hailed for their raw emotion and honesty. You can read more of his works below. The following…

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Rococo, Romanticism and Neoclassicism

What characteristics distinguish the Rocco, Neoclassicism, and Romanticism from each other? How were the styles reactionary? Use examples to illustrate and clarify. Introduction Rococo is an artistic style and movement that impacts so many points of arts including literature, theatre, painting, sculpture, interior design, music, architecture and decoration. It was…

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The Art Narrative of the Final Project

The attraction of historical cities like ancient rome is usually a final destination for majority of art lovers. This is no surprise as they fill the streets of these cities with earlier artistry attractions. It is said that they do this to make up for the void left in their…

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Empire of Byzantine

Iconoclasm is the hostility made towards visual symbols and image destruction. This was ttypical during the Byzantine Empire. Iconoclasm was a positive move since it looked toward integrating both the Jewish and Islamic population. Icons could also lead to the distraction of worshippers from their spiritual undertakings, additionallyn to promoting…

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Julius Caesar

Yes, I am a loved ruler if I imagine myself as Julius Caesar. Julius Caesar was a statesman and Roman general who changed the Roman Republic into the powerful Roman Empire by significantly increasing the Roman Republic’s geographic reach and introducing an imperial system. If I imagine my days as…

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