Reflection on The Process of Site Planning

A dog park: An Overview

A dog park is a park where dogs can play off-leash and exercise in a contained surroundings under their owner's supervision. Dog parks in the neighborhood have increased over the final few years due to the number of human beings owning pets having increased. These parks have to be safe and easy for all pets, their owners and the residents dwelling around. When designing a dog park, it is essential to consider elements such as; location, water supply, park seating, signage, fencing, entrances and gates, agility equipment, parking space, sanitation facilities, dog park rules, value and funding, hours of operation, park maintenance, supervision and most importantly a permit.

Choosing the right location

When choosing a region for a dog park, one has to consider an area that is situated off the community side but easily accessible to everyone around. The location should be an open flat area, large and grassy where dogs can run around freely, approved by the town and the noises of dogs barking does not infringe the neighbourhood peace.

Challenges and improvements

Some of the difficulties when opening a dog park are; time consuming and can be difficult in terms of capital at first, obtaining a permit from the local authorities depending on the vicinity of the place, educating the public on the purpose of a dog park and in some cases, the number of dogs coming to the park being too high. The park can also be revamped by planting more trees for shade in the park, addition of any item of interest such as fountains and hedges, a durable perimeter fence high enough so that large dogs cannot jump over and even adding agility equipment for the dogs to play around (Smith, 2007).


Smith, C. S. (2007). Visiting the dog park: Having fun, staying safe. Wenatchee, Wash: Dogwise Pub.

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