Critical Analysis of some Aspects of Remarkable Creatures: Dogs

Dogs are significant creatures in human society; they are domesticated for personal or commercial reasons, such as racing. Their importance in society is mostly reciprocal, and both sides of the divide have fostered this relationship since ancient times when they were domesticated, and it is said that a dog eventually becomes a best man's mate. In this article, we will look at the different sociological factors that make this animal worthy of human care and predisposed it to shift camps from a wild animal to a docile traditional human household pet. To begin with, dogs are members of the genus ‘Canis' to meant canines and constitute part of the wild wolf family. They are primarily carnivorous though in modern times they have exhibited taste to new and a variety of different foods as an adaptive move owing to their domestication. Their closest though not scientifically proven genetic relatives are the Gray Wolf and also referred to as minor predators (Perri 4). They were the first wild animal to be domesticated and were widely established around the continent of Eurasia just before the end of the Pleistocene (Frantz 1230). Ancient DNA suggests that their domestication preceded the emergence of ancient agriculture which was commenced close to the Last Glacial Maximum in 27,000 BCE (Freedman 6) when ancient hunter-gatherers introduced them into their hunting expeditions. They are believed to had begun their close relationship with the ancient man by taking advantage of fresh carcasses left behind by the hunters, that relationship grew and later they were used to help capture of prey or were essential in providing security from much larger competing wild predators at wild kill-sites.Animals provide for some particular percent of the human sociological integration and well-being, by their presence thy make life easier, happier or healthier. Their adaptivity to the human needs and conditions had made them earn their place in the society, and a dog is one of those animals. The first sociological need that man has and dogs were able to provide for is their loyalty. Man is partly defined by his ability to choose sides and to remain loyal to his course or superior. Loyalty has been a quality that has made nation sin the past go to war, has made marriages bond stronger or otherwise break and makes people be referred to as patriotic. This quality is an aspect that Dogs have mastered. It is scientifically proven that Dogs have an extra sense that has made them be able to identify their owners and to render their loyalty to them (Orlinsky 100). It is fascinating how they can remain loyal even to both ruthless and kind owners, and this enduring trait has seen them be recruited to go to war alongside Marines and has seen them earn more societal respect even at times far beyond some men. That very trait has made man deem them as creatures worthy of praise and saw the animal earn honors.Secondly, another human aspect that made dogs earn a little more attention than the rest of them in the genus family is; their aptitude to train, learn commands and execute them. The human society is mainly hierarchical, from its inception, rules have existed, and the ability to learn and keep them has been what has held the society from anarchy. Dogs have a natural ability to learn new commands, by training they have exhibited prowess in adapting to new, unfamiliar rules and precisely executing them to the latter. This natural ability has seen man since the ancient times as mentioned previously exploit this resource and trained them to perform delicate actions either in war zones or the entertainment field. The most recent example of this would be the use of alpha dogs as landmine and detonator sensors in the Iraq war (Denbeaux 112). They can learn and memorize every command and execute it when called forward. This mind-blowing ability has seen them noteworthy and has significantly necessitated their incorporation not only into the basic human society but to the safeguard of many nations. President Lyndon Johnson expressed it that at times in war it's the dog that saves the man (Biggar 45). The third aspect that has made this domesticated animal a need rather than a liability is; its endurance. Dogs are the most endearing pets yet to be domesticated by man. Their ability to adapt to from wild environments that consist of forests and wild terrains to the comfort of an urban human house is incredible. They have over the past exhibited a high level of endurance in their personality and character; they have lived in the comforts of wealthy homes, eaten the most expensive foods there are to buy on the market, but yet still they have managed to retain their identity as dogs. They have stood beside their military trainers and handles in a war-prone zone for instance in Iraq and have managed their way back home without any single indication of animal fatigue or stress. They can further shift gears from an officer in the army as they are referred to in the military ranks (Wagner 70) to a mere barking dog in the back yard without any indication of revolt. Humans, on the contrary, are less gifted in this natural ability of endurance. People take time to recover from an endearing exercise or body rendering activity while dogs recover considerably faster. Moreover just as mentioned they can put up with a cruel owner and exhibit some sense of loyalty to them even when they are starved or mistreated. It is easy to attach that to the fact that they are simply wild animals with no mental ability to discern the morality of their owner's actions but during these modern times, animal scientist have managed to prove that even dogs have personalities (Arahori 10). Another aspect that in modern times has attracted a lot of exploration on this animal is; its heightened senses of sight, hearing and mostly smell. Human beings have five common senses. However, their sensitivity cannot match that of a dog. Dogs can detect even the minute traces of distinct smell, see further than a normal human eye can see and hear more clearly and distinctly sound the human ear cannot hear. Human being pride of the ability to utilize all their senses efficiently and where one sense had been affected they either seeks corrective scientific interventions like wearing of spectacles to usage of hearing aids. It would them be more greatly appreciated of an animal whose senses are heightened that even in the dead of night can see, smell and detect movement. Those three essential senses abilities have made dogs be incorporated in modern efforts to identify and accurately guide anti-drugs and narcotics agents in most police enforcement agencies globally (Boyd 75). With their ability to train and learn as we mentioned previously, they can grasp the distinct smells of various illegal narcotic drugs and even when they are concealed beyond the human eye they have in the past illustrated an ability to detect the presence of those substances. This trait has made them an indispensable part of the war against illegal drugs and substances and has seen their incorporation in the society as more of a gain than a loss.Another aspect that is vital to the human society yet is a plus on the dog family is their ability to keep long memory. Dogs just like many wild cats can identify their surroundings and keep track to their environment by the use of scents and smell. They memorize certain odors and scents and attach them to their related object then memorize that information. Scientists have recently proven that a dog can keep memory of its original birthplace for as long as ten years (Broadway 17). Left on their own, a dog can trace its way back home even when abandoned so far way. This remarkable ability has been harnessed by the human sociological need. Dogs have been trained to lead blind people back from an afternoon walk; they have been able to memorize traffic signs, know when to cross a busy highway or where to turn. They have further indicated an ability to keep this memory for long even when they are desensitized. The human need to keep relevant and to be able to live fuller and healthier lives has seen medical facilities for the blind harness this ability and used them to meet the psychological and social needs of their clients. It is worth noting also that dogs in some rare situations have been noticed to lead lost mountaineers home or shepherd cow herds in the Scottish mountain ranges back home. How they are able to do this one may ask? It's because they can remember.Finally, one of the most substantial aspects that have made Dogs worth noting and that surpass them all is their kind and friendly nature. Dogs, unless provoked to act, are naturally friendly and always have since the ancient times up to the present illustrated abilities to enjoy playful sessions and to execute acts that can be regarded as kind. Loss of affection, accompaniment, and kindness are attributes that have made the society less enthusiastic. The human person always yearns to be loved, to create and maintain relationships, to be shown some kindness and to have a loyal partner to play with (Firnkes 12). These attributes that dogs can compensate the community with has made them respected pets. They have been successfully used to boost the morale of the military in warring zones (Thorne 56) to bring some sense of enthusiasm to terminally ill patients and have brought a lot of happiness in many homes and especially those of the old and elderly. That single trait above all else has made them notable and unusual creatures, no wonder it often expressed that; a dog may tear your shoes when left at the doorstep outside, but they will never tear or break your heart. ConclusionAs we have illustrated, there are many animals in the world however only a small percentage of them have managed to gain access into the human households. Dogs since the ancient times have proved their ability to be both wild and domesticated. They have more abilities than we can ever tap into and their presence in the human society has been nature's blessing to humankind. Their natural abilities have surpassed ours, and their willingness to be subordinated to man other than run free and untamed in the wild continues to make them incredible creatures. Works CitedArahori, Minori, et al. "Owners' view of their pets' emotions, intellect, and mutual relationship: Cats and dogs compared." Behavioural Processes (2017).Biggar, Nigel. 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