The Saudi Arabia Security Dilemma in Relation to International Terrorism

After September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks in the United States, America has been able to put together a sizable multinational alliance to combat terrorism (Gold, 2004). Any countries in this alliance, though, are insignificant in the war against terrorism. Furthermore, the ability of certain coalition members to combat terrorism has…

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Joseph Stalin and Anti-Semitism

Joseph Stalin was one of the most powerful men in the world during World War II. He held numerous high-level Allied meetings, including the Yalta and Potsdam summits with Churchill and Roosevelt. The Communist leader was a master negotiator, outsmarting both the British and the Americans. Stalin’s anti-Semitic stance during…

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The Relationship Between Putin and Anatoly Sobchak

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has brought out much debate on the role of Putin. This article outlines Putin’s political career and His relationship with Russian president Yeltsin and Anatoly Sobchak. You will also learn about the challenges Putin faces as President of Russia. It is important to read this article…

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Methods Technology Helps Fight Terrorism

Terrorism in the modern-day poses a systemic challenge to democracies. In reality, it has achieved a global scale, making it more risky and difficult to fight. Law enforcement and intelligence services all around the world are constantly advising people of potential terror threats in their big cities. Terrorism has become…

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Conspiracy Theory of the 9/11

For many years, people have been debating the September 11, 2001, attack on the United States. It was one of the most heartbreaking tragedies to strike the United States, and it will be remembered for the rest of time. The actions of September 11, 2001 were heinous, and they will…

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Al-Qaeda- A Terrorist Organization

Al-Qaeda is one of the world’s Islamic activist organizations. Osama Bin Laden founded the international Sunni Muslim organization in 1988 as a terrorist group. The group was solemnly established to prevent the Soviet Union’s invasion in Afghanistan with the support of Abdullah Azam and other Muslim volunteers. Since then, the…

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War, Revolution, Terrorism and Utilitarianism by Mill

What is the claim that terrorist attacks often intentionally destroy innocent people (555-556) complicate? How can one challenge innocence, which makes the concept of terrorism more complicated? The current academic view of terrorism and the public opinion on the subject are clearly divided. Terrorists, contrary to blind animosity, are considered…

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This is a technique where snipers and mercenaries are hired by terrorists to execute individuals, particularly leaders of countries they consider their enemies. Terrorists destabilize nations by assassinating influential figures, presidents, or lawmakers, giving a warning that they are willing to do something as a way to deter leaders from…

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The Road to 9/11 and what is Terrorism

Lesson One: The 9/11 Road and What Terrorism Is P1. Q1. The two western countries which dominated the Middle East after WWII were Britain and France. P2. Q2. Many countries that gained independence in the years after World War II through the 1960s are some of the long-lasting effects that…

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the second cold war

There are parallels between the War on Terror and the Cold War. Fighting terrorism is dependent on ideas, and the Cold War is characterized as a clash of ideas. During the Cold War, opposing states did not agree to settle their differences, and the same remains so in the War…

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Military operation refers to an organized mobilization of all forces, independent of the attack by sea, land, and air. Military action can involve a landing, confrontation, combat, war, or engagement with amphibians. Military acts, however, are decided by the military commander-in-chief, who provides instruction on what military action can usually…

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Twin Towers Terrorist act, 9/11

The acts of terrorism on the 11th of September in 2001 at the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon, Washington, DC were a shock to the country. It resulted in more than 2,800 people being killed, and thousands wounded. The intensity and severity of the attacks culminated…

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