Essays on Terrorism

Impacts of International War on Terrorism on Human Rights

The war on terrorism has currently been intensified due to the rise in deaths and destruction that arise from terror attacks in the United States of America. Most measures that have been employed to deal with terrorism often touch on intelligence gathering and surveillance. In recent years, however, such measures...

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A Critical Discourse Analysis of President's Bush Speeches

The research is set to conduct a critical discourse analysis of President’s Bush speeches delivered after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. President Bush faced excessive criticism for being believed to have been indecisive since he remained silent for about seven minutes even after receiving news of a second...

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Comparison of the Oklahoma City Bombing and the Paris Attacks

Terrorism throughout the World has been affecting we as a society for many years. Terrorism can be dated back to the assassination of our 15th President Abraham Lincoln, who was shot and killed by a right-wing activist John Wilkes Booth on April 14th 1865. (Johnston, R. Wm) There has not...

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Explaining the Causes of Terrorism

There are many ways that evil can be defined based on different perspectives such as cultural, religious, and even the psychological point of view. All in all, the term evil describes the acts that can be considered as morally wrong, wicked or horrible. Usually, these deeds entail one party acting...

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Relationship between Democracy and Terrorism

Terrorism refers to use of violence internationally to develop a terror attack on a large group of people. The aim behind the bombings usually relies on religion, politics or financial issue. Therefore, the terror attack groups typically target a given group or country for a given reason. Several terrorism cases...

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Analysis of Terrorist Groups

Revolutionary terrorism is a form of terrorism where the practitioners intend to totally abolish a political system and replace it with new structures. It is the application of force in countering revolutionaries. An example of a revolutionary terrorist group is the FARC (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia). I strongly believe...

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Operationalizing Independent and Dependent Variables

A variable is an idea, object, event or time that can be measured. There are two types of variables; independent and dependent variable. The independent variable is one that stands alone, and they are not changed by any other variable being measured. On the other hand, the dependent variable is...

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The Role of Negotiation in Countering Terrorism

1. The Challenge of Terrorism At any given time, the world is grappling with a particular issue, especially those that severe stability and internal relations. One of the challenges that require urgent redress is the issue of terrorism. The increase in terror-related activities that are propagated by different groups across the...

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The Use of Electronic Surveillance of U.S Citizens

I support the use of electronic surveillance of U.S citizens without a court order in cases of suspected terrorist activities. Advancement in technology has enabled terrorists to exploit any security lapse and attack innocent people. Terrorism remains to be a threat to the national security, and the act of National...

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The Fourth Amendment and The Plain View Doctrine

To begin with, this essay analyzes the fourth amendment in regards to the plain view doctrine. This doctrine gives police officers permission to seize items deemed as evidence or illegal contraband. It often applies when police are in an area protected by the amendment. However, there are exceptions to this...

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The Rise of Militant Islamic Extremism

Introduction Until the 1990s, terrorism was not a global security issue and was only considered as an insecurity concern for a few unstable developing nations. However, after the year 2000, the world has seen the rise of militant Islamic extremism who perpetrate terror attacks on many countries around the globe, regardless...

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A Study of Narcoterrorism

The Process of Radicalization The term radicalization refers to the process by which one or more people develop extremist ideologies and beliefs and thereby engage themselves in terrorist acts and violent radical actions (Doosje, et al., 2016). It is the process of acquiring ideas and rejecting those in mainstream society. A...

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