Unfair treatment at work

When anyone is discriminated against by sensitive issues such as pay, age, race, and gender, unfair treatment at work occurs. Such variables are set out in the Equality Act and different steps to be taken are highlighted. The determination of output quantity and quality depends on how the management acts towards its employees.
My hard work gave bigotry a chance, and then I felt like I was going to stop working and revive my real color. I report directly to my boss, who happens to act as administrative manager in management. I’m the only male in the department, and the rest are females with whom we carry out the different goals of the unit. It all started as a minor issue, but with time it grew to be a significant problem. When it came to job allocation, the ladies got a huge favor. In other words, more work requires my effort for completion, unlike the task allocated to the ladies. When compensation is due, the pay varies similarly to job allocation. The ladies receive more salary as compared to my payment that is incomparable to the job I completed. Such a treatment draws a line on inequity among the employees of the company and indeed reduced productivity due to reduced motivation. I tried to cope with the environment, but I could not sit and wait for more discrimination. The next step was to resign, but the advise I got from the human resource was to remain as she settles the matter. An investigation made revealed of such a cruel treatment, and the supervisor reassigned other duties.

The human resource made me feel the impact of equality and revived my morale to continue working for the organization. In conclusion, discrimination is a deadly disease that can affect the management, and the result is to bring down the company through tainting its reputation. Such practice should not exist in the institution for it to be a going concern.

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