Essays on Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice

After a hit-and-run fatality, Douglas Quan penned an article about restorative justice. A Honda that made an illegal turn struck Martha Ralph and her boyfriend. Martha passed away instantly, but her boyfriend passed away in the infirmary. The Honda's driver sped away from the accident. The accused had a past...

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Restorative Justice Systems

The Philosophy and Principles of Restorative Justice The restorative method is one of the critical philosophies of justice. The paradigm allows the victim and the suspect to meet and work together to repair the damage caused by the incident. Restorative justice differs from most forms of justice in that it focuses...

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About Wrongful Convictions

The Criminal Justice System in the United States The criminal justice system in the United States is a complex structure designed to punish and prevent criminal criminals while also ensuring victims receive justice. The trials, prosecutors, convicts, and suspects are all part of an interconnected network that makes up the scheme....

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Restorative Justice

Criminal Justice and Reconciliation Criminal justice authorities are responsible for ensuring social control by reducing violence and punishing criminals. However, the organizations struggle to ensure societal stability by establishing mechanisms for reconciliation between the survivor and the accused. As a result, the mechanisms of justice provision foster hatred between the two...

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