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principle of democracy in United States - The Patriot Act of 2001

The United States and the US Patriot Act of 2011 The United States is a democratic country that was established on that ideal; in fact, the world refers to it as the biggest and best democracy there is. Other countries look to it as an example of how to live by...

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Baron von Steuben: Key Figure in Revolutionary War

Introduction Due to the numerous ways in which he reorganized the army, Baron von Steuben was crucial in ensuring the success of the Patriot conflict. He introduced novel, highly advanced drill methods as a former Prussian military officer. In place of the British and Patriots' drill methods, Baron von Steuben introduced...

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Regarding the PATRIOT Act's approval of monitoring, search, and seizure.

The Patriot Act was passed into law in 2001 as a result of the radical policy changes made by the US following the 9/11 attacks. This law's passage was intended to increase the nation's domestic security by establishing a reliable method of detecting and preventing terrorist activities. Additionally, the legislation...

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Current State of American Democracy

The Patriot Act in the United States is a Congress act that George W. Bush signed into law on October 26, 2001, with the ten-letter ellipsis (USA PATRIOT). Its goal is to strengthen and unite America by giving it the tools it needs to stop and prevent terrorism. Chris Cylke,...

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The Patriot Act and Libraries

The Patriot Act is a broad-sweeping law that allows for a wide variety of surveillance and investigative activities. The act was passed soon after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks and has been renewed many times by Congresses controlled by both political parties. It is an important tool in the...

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