Restorative Justice

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Criminal justice authorities are responsible for ensuring social control by reducing violence and punishing criminals. However, the organizations struggle to ensure societal stability by establishing mechanisms for reconciliation between the survivor and the accused. As a result, the mechanisms of justice provision foster hatred between the two parties, increasing the prospect of retaliation after the prison process. My involvement in criminal justice stems from the system’s efforts to promote harmony in society and unite opposing individuals. The research will consider the advantages of restorative justice in the population as well as the challenges that hinder the process from international application. Moreover, the paper will recommend possible changes in the process for better results.
The primary aim of the paper is to expound on the potential benefits of restorative model as a criminal justice system. The paper will illustrate the benefits to the society, the victims as well as the offender. More so, the paper will show the benefits to the young generations in witnessing the proceedings of the court process. In comparison to the formal justice system, the paper will show that restorative justice is cheaper, faster and a unification tool for the society as opposed to the standard legal practice. It is my strong conviction that restorative justice is the best approach to solving conflicts between the offender and the victim in the society.
Arguments in Favor:
1. Restorative Justice is faster since there are no investigations
2. Restorative justice ensures reconciliation of the conflicting groups
3. Restorative justice gives closure to the victims
4. Restorative justice reduces recidivism
5. Restorative justice sensitizes the young generation from crime
Arguments Against:
1. Requires support from both sides for success
2. Lacks therapy sessions for the victims
1. Incorporation of therapy sessions for both the offender and the victim

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