Essays on Piracy

Internet-based free music and video downloads

When they download free songs and videos from the internet, many people have no remorse. Because the industry provides many other opportunities for content creators to make money, I obtain free entertainment content from websites. Free music and video downloads from the internet were once seen as illegal and evil,...

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Acts of piracy

Over the years, acts of piracy, including unauthorized reproduction and copying, have remained an issue. (Rafael, Rob, & Waldfogel, 2006). The music business has been significantly impacted by file trading and sharing of music and videos over the internet, which has also fundamentally altered how the general public accesses music....

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About Maritime Terrorism

The violent acts committed by nefarious individuals who operate on the sea are defined as maritime terrorism and piracy. The threat of unlawful violence prepared by sub-state actors with the intention of attaining political goals is the definition of terrorism in and of itself. It is a method that is...

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Is it true that uploading is stealing?

C. Barry (2015, April 13). Is it true that uploading is stealing? Digital piracy's legal ramifications. The Discussion. The author discusses two contrasting viewpoints on whether downloading is cheating or not in this post. According to the author, two camps dominate the ethics of illegal downloading: fundamentalist libertarians and fundamentalist...

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