Essays on Political Corruption

Congressional Ethical Violations by Congressman Rangel B. Charles

Congressional Ethical Violations Committed by Congressman Rangel B. Charles Rangel Charles was a Democrat and powerful member of the House from New York until he was found guilty in 2010 of violating 11 distinct congressional rules related to his personal finances and efforts to raise funds for a New York-based...

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Should politicians reflect the interests of the people when their constituents may not fully comprehend their own interests?

Yes, politicians must represent the interests of their constituents, even if those constituents are unaware of their own interests. Assume the same constituency that does not understand their interests is presented with a circumstance in which the representative believes that a certain nation is harboring terrorists or their organizations and...

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Contemporary political corruption

Democratic naturalism is a legal system and political philosophy that believes in natural law. Political naturalism ensures justice because it transcends religion, personal thought, and philosophies. It consists of empirical naturalism precision and sociological naturalism precision (Bhaskar 16). Politics includes the chemical, psychological, spiritual, irrational, and rational, both of which...

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