Contemporary political corruption

Democratic naturalism is a legal system and political philosophy that believes in natural law. Political naturalism ensures justice because it transcends religion, personal thought, and philosophies. It consists of empirical naturalism precision and sociological naturalism precision (Bhaskar 16). Politics includes the chemical, psychological, spiritual, irrational, and rational, both of which must coexist in order for policymakers to advance. “Never become enraged by a fact” (Hegel et al. 23). In political events, one should not be unreasonable or judgmental. In the political environment, logic and comprehension are expected. Psychologically, people tend to be naturally conformist. Leaders tend to tell themselves that the policies present are working and all is well. From a biological perspective, “man is by nature a political animal.” (Hegel et al.24).According to Aristotle, forming a political system is obeying its leader’s natural human conduct. Of utmost importance, politics may be inherently immoral at any rate, misuse of power, a moral, outstanding right corruption, and meddling are features of politics. Hence, people find it distasteful but perhaps yes (Gray 101). But if you do not like something, one should not get angry; it is vital to understand the source, damages it causes and how to eradicate. Aristotle founder of the discipline argues “everything happen in a political context.”(Hegel et al. 25). Countries with a free market, economic system determine who get what. There is optimism in culture approach towards political life. Eradicating bad behavior and learning moral conduct, society can improve for better. “Changing the culture, however, is slow” (Gray 100). However, educating young generation, cooperative and tolerance will gradually modify the culture of the society. For instance, if all the politics were culture oriented, we could see different politics with different culture. We see the similar realm of politics regarding the altitude and patterns. Thus politician will become corrupt irrespective of the culture.Another school of thought views politics as a rational. According to Hobbes and Locke, “humans form a civil society.” (Dewey et al. 36). Safeguard property and life; people forms the government. In a case of bad governance, people have right to dissolve the government. Human reason helps in a governing humanely and justly in the political system (Gray 100). People will respect the public capability to differentiate unlawful activity. Politicians can take money from favor-seekers and the lobbyists. For that reason, one should question if it is justifiable to take corruption for delivery of services and how rational is it. The political system is through culture conditioning; leader will think that they can get away with all manners of misrule and corruption (Dewey et al. 38).Another angle of thought is politics manipulates symbols, emotions, stereotypes and myths. Politicians keep feeding people with myths to control them. Additionally, what people repute as rational is in fact myth. There might be consequences at the end, but an irrational view of human political behavior is right (Dewey et al. 39). Leaders lead their nations to the war, tyranny or economic ruin when they use their irrational skills to make people believe in their propagandaApparently, political is infinite and not a measurable quantity. Biological, psychological, cultural, irrational and rational factors form a composite of power. Political forces connect with the political systems.Works citedBhaskar, Roy. The possibility of naturalism: A philosophical critique of the contemporary human sciences. Routledge, (2014):15-30Dewey, John, and Melvin L. Rogers. The public and its problems: An essay in political inquiry. Penn State Press, (2012):35-40Gray, John. Post-liberalism: Studies in political thought. Routledge,( 2014):99-103Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich, et al. Hegel: Lectures on Natural Right and Political Science: The First Philosophy of Right. Oxford University Press, (2012):23-27

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