Essays on Risk Taking

how to start a business

Personal Qualifications for Entrepreneurship Personally, I do not believe I am qualified to start my own company. The reading identifies three main aspects of entrepreneurship: creativity, corporate management, and risk-taking. Creativity I consider myself to be an ambitious person because I am always looking for better ways to improve procedures and products/services, as...

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analysis of tactus technology

It is reasonably easy to raise money from friends and family Because of the presence of trust as a result of well-established partnerships. However, problems will occur when the expected investment does not go as planned and more time is taken to repay current debts successfully. This may result in a...

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Renting vs. Buying

When you buy anything, people hesitate, because any product purchase is a risk. However, even in such situations, anything worthwhile must be given up (Clement, 2002). Something that is taken to reduce the risk is more likely to sell. It's all about benefits. The sales business is structured to make...

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