Renting vs. Buying

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When you buy anything, people hesitate, because any product purchase is a risk. However, even in such situations, anything worthwhile must be given up (Clement, 2002). Something that is taken to reduce the risk is more likely to sell. It’s all about benefits. The sales business is structured to make a profit without deterrence for a person. Here are some examples of incentives for transactions.
It is necessary to finance the purchase with low interest. The idea is to alter the budgetary effect and allow the champions to explain the financial expenditure.
After sales activities
Telling the customers that the company will be up and running from a specific date and time also helps. The customers will be eager to find out what is new or what has changed from the previous deals, which will make them purchase the goods and services. It is also of merit to inform customers that they will receive a certain deal as compensation for buying products and services. Agreeing with the customer what the business will entail is vital. Another way of doing this is by offering 24/7 service and priority support to executive customers.
Throwing in additional services or products if they buy by a specific date

Include an extra service or product that customers would typically pay for which goes with your product or service as a way of motivating customers to buy products at an increased rate; hence, increase the sales of the merchandise intended to be sold faster.
_x000c_Use free trials or pilots to absorb the product or service in small bites
In a case where you discover that a certain product or service has a slow or zero movements in the market because of its quantity, it is always wise to reduce the amount into smaller bites. The benefit of this is that it will make it more affordable since the customers will use less money to acquire the product or service. At the same time, this action will be increasing sales at a marvelous rate. It is of essence to listen to the needs of consumers so that you can have ways and means to satisfy them at your benefit.
Offer services for a reduced price or for free during the times when the workers are not fully utilized.
In a time in business when your sales seem to be moving slowly, convince customers to buy during that slow period and use the workers who are not so occupied to provide free services for the products purchased. For example, when a customer purchases an electronic device that needs installing, one of your workers can accompany the customer and help them install at zero costs. Indeed, it will enhance the customer relation, which will aid in the moving of the products and services even during low seasons.
Quantity discounts
Giving discounts according to the quantity a customer purchase also helps to push sales. It is a great buying incentive that has worked for many business persons. Some of them provide discounts up to 50% of the standard prices to ensure that their products move faster.
Locking the prices
In a case where particular products or services keeps on fluctuating over time regarding prices, a business person can offer to lock the prices by informing customers that they would get the product at a specific locked price for a specified period. The clients will make an effort to buy the product within the stipulated time, which will have helped increase the sales.
Offer to pay for an associated product
For example, when a person selling cars gets a customer, he can tell the client in an event he or she buys the vehicle, the seller will pay for maintenance services for a specified period.

Renting incentives are essential for those owning property (Zhou, 2011). They are meant to ensure that the property does not lack tenants at any time to maintain the flow of profits. Here are some of the renting incentives.
Asking tenants what they want
Rather than surprising tenants with something that might not motivate their stay, it is wise to ask them directly what they need.
Gifts can either be physical or gift cards. It is a common renewal incentive since it provides tenants with something they would not typically purchase for themselves, for example, a sports ticket or a weekend getaway.
Cash or discounts
It is the most appealing incentive (L.Greene, 2016). Offering the tenant a reduced rent, say, for a month or two, will motivate his/her stay.

Property upgrade
It is a move that benefits both the owner and the tenant. For example, if your rentals are furnished, bringing in new furniture makes them want to stay longer in the beautiful environment. When they finally move out, the furniture remains intact and will attract a new tenant.

Christianity Perspective
However, as a Christian, some actions seem essential for business, but wrong from a religious point of view. My religion believes that it is crucial to prevent a person from using something else to influence an action. Christianity requires everything to be done according to the doctrine. Nothing should be done to coerce a person_x0092_s decision. All decisions should be left at the hands of the customer. For this reason, Christianity can bar some of the above moves that may help in buying and renting.

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