How to Get Good Feedback on Your Game

Fundamentally, some of the most important elements of the "How to Get Good Reviews on Your Game" video are that the creator should always be open to all kinds of feedback. The audience is likely to make negative remarks that may demoralize an artist, but the main thing is for the designer to take a positive note of it. The video also urges designers to stop pride. When a creator is proud, he or she may lose out on any of the constructive types of criticism that people may make of his or her production.

When treating a study, Avi Soudack, in his article 'Approval Don't Appropriate Test Users, Test Hypotheses,' reveals that '

When handling research, Avi Soudack in his article Don't Test Users, Test Hypotheses reveals that if someone is evaluating his design, he or she should first look at the questions that need to be solved. The process of developing the hypotheses involves a situation where the researcher becomes inquisitive. In this process, the researcher triggers a particular situation and waits to observe what is going to happen next. Consequently, when the situation is triggered, there are those contexts that tend to emerge, and as such an individual gets the opportunity to create research questions. The intention here is to develop a situation where the user is the one who determines what happens in the next research situation. Another factor apart from looking at the questions used is the idea of identifying any assumptions that may be associated with the topic of research. The intention of focusing on the assumptions is that it gives the researcher an opportunity to give some predictions. Further, Soudack reveals that the best way of dealing with a research design is to assess the hypotheses.

Question Three

In research, there are different types of research design, and this corresponds to the kind of topic of research. In this case, the research design that will be used is the descriptive one that deals mostly with sociological types of investigation.

Hypothesis One

Young people from minority communities are likely to engage in crime
(a) When determining if this hypothesis is testable, one will look at the number of criminal activities that are associated with the members of the communities considered as a minority. If the number is high, then this will be considered as the actual position.

(b) For this hypothesis, the focus is to identify if there is a connection between being a member of the minority ethnic groups and being a criminal. In most cases, the minority groups have been considered as prime suspects for criminal activities. For example, police records indicate that the youth from the African American ethnic affiliation are arrested for a felony more often as compared to their white counterparts.

(c) One of the ways of testing this hypothesis is through carrying out surveys on crime reports. Mostly, this could be achieved by interviewing stakeholders in law enforcement agencies.

Hypothesis Two

Children born to alcoholic parents may grow up hating alcohol

(a) For a researcher to test the functionality of this thesis, he or she should identify some of the households that had concerns regarding alcoholism of the parents. Further, the study should look at the lives of some of the children who were brought up by alcoholic parents.

(b) In most cases, it is argued that alcoholism among parents is likely to make the children also engage in the same habit. However, there is this argument that because of the miserable lives that some of these parents live, the children may grow up hating alcohol.

(c) The appropriate method to test this hypothesis is through carrying out interviews among people who grew up with alcoholic parents.

Hypothesis Three

People who get married at a very young age divorce in most cases

(a) In most cases, it is argued that the number of people who get married at an early stage tend to get tired of marital life.

(b) Marriage is an institution that involves perseverance on both parties. It is important to note that people have different attitudes and perceptions towards certain societal topics. As such, this makes marriage difficult since people have to understand and tolerate some adverse behaviors of their partners. Therefore, when people get married at an early age, they tend to become fed up with each other, and in most cases, most of them end up resorting to divorce.

(c) When testing such a hypothesis, the researchers can visit the courts and look at some of the cases that concern divorce and the age at which the participants got married to each other.


(a) I would like to understand why it is different from a testing method where it focuses on the topic rather than the user.

(b) It is important because by using the user testing method, the answers are given first-hand. When the answers are generated from a third party, they tend to be distorted.

(c) The collection of data for such a research design can be achieved through methods such as observation and secondary sources. One of the ideal methods of obtaining information includes using the internet where one looks at some of the case studies that previously focused on the topic.

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