100 Reflective Essay Topics

Who looks for reflective essay topics? For the most part, it’s students who got an assignment and are now worried about getting a good grade for it. Professors love reflective writing because it helps a person analyze a subject taught in class, evaluate their feelings, and express them coherently. The goal of reflective essays is to think about an object, person, or situation deeply, voicing your personal point of view on it and explaining how and why you came to these conclusions. For example, you could have been asked to read a short story in your Lit class.

After that, the teacher told you to reflect on it. It means that you have to note down your reactions and thoughts about the story, making an emphasis on the things you liked and disliked as well as making it clear why you think so. Reflective prompts are always interesting, but what if you didn’t get a specific task? Very often, students are told to simply write one or another kind of essay, and they have to look for topics by themselves. If you feel lost and unsure of what to pick, our list will be helpful!

Tips for Finding Inspiring Reflective Essay Ideas

If you’re wondering how to choose a topic, don’t worry, it’s a common problem. Many students could write an essay when given specific instructions, but when they have to make a choice on their own, things become difficult. We developed some common suggestions that should facilitate this process.

  • Go for something you like, not something impressive. Of course, if you can combine interesting and impressive, it would be great! But there is no need to try that deliberately. Best reflections are made on topics that genuinely resonate with you. Ask yourself a question, “What do I like? What story or movie impressed me? What event made me undergo a storm of emotions and helped me learn a valuable lesson?” You’ll have to be expressive in your writing, so if you pick a theme that you find boring, it won’t be interesting for anyone else either. So don’t chase creative topics for the sake of it, focus on your own preferences.
  • Brainstorm. Think, plan, and remember things that had an impact on you before you settle on good reflective essay topics. If it is a piece of fiction, re-read or re-watch it again. If this is an event that happened to you, try to recall its details. Usually, you’ll quickly remember something that affected you deeply enough to want to write about it.
  • Create thesis early. If you selected a theme but aren’t sure about it, try formulating its main idea in one single sentence. This could give you a clearer understanding of whether this is something you should explore.

100 Greatest Reflection Essay Topics

Our world is a large place full of beauty and horrors both. There are so many interesting topics to explore that mentioning them all would be impossible. That’s why we focused on 100 diverse options.

Reflection Essays Topics On Nature

For decades and centuries, nature has been a central topic in thoughtful contemplations. Why don’t you follow the same example?

  1. Watching the Birds’ Nesting Habits
  2. Experiencing the True Feeling of Peace After Spending Time in the Forest
  3. Being Underwater Is Like Being in a Whole New World
  4. Listening to Nature Means Learning the Best Kind of Music
  5. Why Rain Is the Most Inspiring Time for Thinking & Writing
  6. When I Realized That Animals Are My Best Friends
  7. Mountains and Their Secrets: What Lies Beneath Them
  8. How Learning the Story of Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon Affected Me
  9. Insects Have Their Own Universe With Rules and Consequences
  10. Being Outdoors Could Be Key to Fighting Depression

Reflective Essay About Relationships

We are always surrounded by people, and there are numerous reflective ideas that could be gained from these interactions. Here are some of them.

  1. Why Some Humans Need Romantic Love For Their Life to Feel Complete
  2. How Distance Makes Me Miss My Family With Fervency
  3. Why Betrayal Is a Powerful Motivator for Self-Improvement
  4. The Time I Helped a Person I Did Not Know
  5. Reasons Why I Did Not Have Friends in My Childhood
  6. Holding a Child For the First Time & Feelings It Gives You
  7. Understanding Responsibility and Learning How to Accept It
  8. Fighting With Loved Ones: Why It Happens and How Much It Hurts
  9. Meeting People & Not Knowing How Important They Are Going to Become
  10. Arguing With Those Who Refuse to Listen & Accept Logic

Reflection Topics on Significant Events

Every second of every day, something happens. It could be an accident, a natural disaster, or a holiday, and there are great reflection essay ideas that could give you a sense of direction.

  1. The Day I Lost Someone I Loved
  2. What Makes Birthdays Such a Special Event
  3. Why 2020 Became the Worst Year in My Whole Life
  4. What Day I Consider the Most Important For Humanity
  5. Making a Purchase I Have Been Dreaming About For Years
  6. The Most Amazing Date I Have Ever Had
  7. Having a Panic Attack For the First Time & Fearing You Might Die
  8. Learning What Clinical Death Means
  9. Taking Part in Elections For the First Time
  10. When Someone Confessed That They Are In Love with Me

Prompts on Hobbies and Interests

Writing about things you have deep passion for is always the best decision. Reflective essay titles below could trigger your inspiration.

  1. How People Turn Their Hobbies Into Profession
  2. The Relevance of My First Hobby and How It Shaped Me
  3. Why Visiting the Zoo Was a Heartbreaking Experience For Me
  4. What My Favorite Show Could Teach People
  5. Reasons That Make My Favorite Book Enlightening For All Generations
  6. How Young vs. Older Generations Treat Their Hobbies
  7. How My Mother’s Interests Were Transferred To Me
  8. Why Many Girls Love Dolls & What It Might Say About Them
  9. Role That Gender Plays in Choosing Hobbies
  10. What Having Dangerous Hobbies Means

Personality and Character Features Ideas

If you are interested in people as individuals, you might find the following topics for reflective essay motivating.

  1. Why Kindness in a Human is Something I Care For Most
  2. Understanding My Strengths & Accepting My Weaknesses
  3. What Makes Human Lie
  4. Why Some People Like to Stand Out & Others Prefer to Blend In
  5. Being Quick to Anger Complicates My Life Daily
  6. Is Fighting Fears Worth Experiencing Anxiety That Comes With It?
  7. What Character Features Make Me Special
  8. What Makes Some People More Likable to Me
  9. Things That Push People to Betray Their Loved One
  10. Why Appreciating What We Have Is Relevant

Reflective Essays on Everyday Life Moments

Our life consists of various moments. These reflection essay titles could trigger your memory and point you in the right direction.

  1. The Last Book I Read and Loved/Hated
  2. Why Visiting Cinema Is a Unique Experience
  3. Smiling Every Day Does Not Cost Anything Yet Makes People Happier
  4. The Most Memorable Conversation I Had Today
  5. A Stupid Fight I Had with My Family
  6. Birthday Gift I Received This Year & Why I Will Never Forget It
  7. Small Moments Form The Essence of Our Life
  8. Things That Make Me Feel Lighter After Depressing Day
  9. Sharing a Room with a Sibling Is Hard
  10. Why Maintaining Relationships With Neighbors Is a Good Idea

Entertainment and Travelling

Who doesn’t like to travel or spend their free time having fun? With these reflective essay prompts, you’ll be able to come up with various great ideas.

  1. Why Everyone Should Watch Games of Thrones
  2. Magical Realism Genre Is The Best Form of Escape From Reality
  3. Why I Always Wanted to Visit Egypt
  4. Travelling with Family and Problems It Brings
  5. What I Consider the Greatest Way of Having Fun
  6. The Most Emotional Journey in My Existence
  7. Why English Villages Are the Most Beautiful Place on Earth
  8. Dangers of Travelling Abroad Alone
  9. Scary Story of Magdalena Zuk and Why It Had Such a Huge Impact on Me
  10. Why Having Long Winter Journeys Is a Great Decision

Home and Family Prompts

For many people, home is everything. They might like reflection essay questions below.

  1. Living With Someone Who Dislikes You
  2. Why Do Many Adopted Children Want to Meet Their Biological Parents?
  3. Moment When I Realized What Home Means for Me
  4. Losing a Family Member After an Ugly Fight
  5. Choosing Decorations for My Room: What Informs My Decisions
  6. The Youngest Person in My Family & Our Relationship
  7. Why I Do Not Care For My Distant Relatives
  8. Being Punished as a Child and Real Lessons I Learned In This Process
  9. When My Grandparents Had to Move In & How It Changed My Routine
  10. Why Do So Many Kids Want a Sibling?

Reflection Essays Ideas About Experiences and Memories

Some memories hurt us while others bring us joy. Such reflective topics always offer the deepest insights.

  1. Greatest Sorrow I Have Ever Felt
  2. Days When Tears Will Not Stop Flowing
  3. Brightest Party I Visited with My Friends
  4. What Caused the Most Humiliating Event I Had to Experience
  5. Being Invited to a Wedding & Worries and Excitement It Has Brought
  6. Why I Used to Love Having Sleepovers
  7. Day When My Dream Came True and I Realized It Did Not Make Me Happy
  8. Why People Often Embarrass Themselves When They Interact With Their Crush
  9. The Most Impactful Essay I Have Ever Written
  10. How Earning My First Money Felt Like

Topics For College Students

College is a special place that gives birth to endless variations of reflection topics. Here are some of the best options.

  1. What Made Me Realize That Studying Is Vital
  2. Why I Always Considered Work a Depressing Waste of Time
  3. How My Best Friend and I Drifted Away From Each Other in College
  4. What Made Me Choose My Current Path in Life
  5. Dropping Out From College & Choosing Another Direction
  6. Reasons Why I Do Not Consider College the Best Time of My Life
  7. College Books That Unexpectedly Altered My Worldview
  8. Disappointment That Comes When The Person You Like Ignores You
  9. What Made Me Fear Getting Education & How I Am Coping With It
  10. Why Examples of College Students Portrayed by Media Are Damaging

Think Carefully and Make the Best Choice

What we provided above are just some reflective essay title examples. There are many more, so keep looking until you find a subject that makes your hands itch with the desire to start writing. But sometimes other factors could interfere, hindering your inspiration and workability. If it happens and you don’t think there is anything you’d like to reflect on — or even if you are simply not in the mood, there is another solution.

Our company specializes in brainstorming, planning, and writing essays on different topics. Writers we work with are communicative and experienced, so they could fulfill any demand you set. Tell us to offer you new reflective essay ideas or craft a paper based on your instructions — it’s your call. If you need our help, let us know!

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