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This program gives the audience a true insight into what it takes to become a medical doctor. It includes a group of seven Harvard School of Medicine students who are undergoing rigorous and intense training to become trained physicians. Initially, in the medical environment, these students are not aware of what doctors go through. They believe that medicine is a noble career and that doctors have a high social standing; but the training reveals what a doctor entails, the sacrifices to be made, and the stress to be put up with (Nova, 1995).
Training for detached concern The training makes these trainees aware of the fact that practicing medicine adversely affects one’s social life as it requires one to be able to live without a family. Broken relationships and loneliness seem to thread their lives since this career requires them to be on call at all times as it involves making sacrifices to help people. They realize that being a medical practitioner entails losing some things that matter to someone (Nova, 1995).

Making medical mistakes

The trainees are forced to make difficult decisions in various situations as they work in the emergency rooms, some of which have severe consequences. They often make medical mistakes, which turn into devastating errors and eventually result in regrets (Nova, 1995).

Dealing with stress

The program shows viewers the tremendous workload and mental breakdown, which medical trainees have to endure during medical training to become qualified doctors. They have miserable experiences, for instance, they handle patients with different illnesses (some of which are strange and scary), some patients frustrate them, and others pass on in their hands. However, they endeavor to work through the challenges and stresses of the job to achieve a balance of personal life and work as they go through the training program (Nova, 1995).


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