As regards politics, religion, national geography, and even social culture

South Korea and the United Arab Emirates are very distinct nations. These factors have a huge effect on your choice of a tourist destination.

South Korea

South Korea is the former colony of Japan and an Asian republic until it surrenders to the United States in 1945. On the other hand, the United Arab Emirates is a Middle Eastern and prevailing Islamic State. Although South Koreas is a governing presidential structure, a king who follows a family lineage rules the United Arab Emirates. Unlike United Arab Emirates, South Korea is an upcoming tourist destination for Europeans, especially Britons because of it increasingly westernized citizens as well as stunning geographic features.

United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates is the locus of tourism globally because of a classic interception of natural physical features and manmade structures. The climatic and weather conditions in both countries are remarkably different, so much so that the reasons for making one of them a preference for holiday is the prevailing weather circumstances in the other. Interestingly, both countries borders some of the world’s most dangerous zones, the Korean Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea as well the hostile region bordering Israel and Palestine in the Middle East, however, tourists have not been affected by either of these.

Travel Preferences

Whereas South Korea is an ideal stop over destination to those travelling to other Asian countries, United Arab Emirates in most cases are the desired destinations. Despite the overly religious perception in the Arab emirates, tourists from all over the world flock there for great beaches, year-round warm weather as well as amazing architectural designs. South Korea on its part is a super high tech country that has managed to blend its future with the past in miraculous designs and inventions. The transport system is another reason for the growing preference of Seoul as the prime tourist destination. In the Arab emirates, the sandy beaches, sprawling desert sand dunes and the artificial land masses starkly contrasts with South Korea's geography which is 70% mountainous, 20 national parks and trendiest cuisines in the world.

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