About Social Media

This is an online forum that enables customers to share content, passions, careers, ideas and even modes of speech through networks and virtual communities. Various social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, have developed into stronger outlets for advertisement and marketing. Social networking networks have become critical and legitimate outlets from which users receive and solicit customer services. Social networking in the past was considered to be a primary marketing medium, but the function has now been changed and is becoming an important part of customer support. In a few years, there has been an increasing number of people who use social media in contact centers. The customer service is consistently transforming to take into account the rising social media (Bradley, 2010).

How Social Media Has Changed How Customers Are Handled

Level Playing Field

All over the world, today users of different products and services are less intimidated by big businesses, whether these institutions shut off electricity, cut cell phone services or turn off cables because of disputes with the customers. There is an increasing number of communication channels that consumers can use to give their views about the products and services. Social media has given the customers confidence and many firms have been forced to accept that the current consumer confidence is not necessarily a driving force to enable the company to incur higher maintained cost but rather very loyal customers can become loyal when they are handled well.

More Informed Consumers

The rise of the social media has given the customers a lot wide a lot of information which has significantly changed the purchasing habits of different customers especially when it comes to the high ticket commodities. Before the social media came information emanated from the companies that were responsible for giving information this implies that they could be viewed with less trust. Some of the enterprise’s like the Walmart put the users rating on the site, some of the ratings were apparently never authorized by the institution so that manufacture the commodities that were being sold. Currently, clients are gaining access to the vast source of information which is unbiased, and consumers are pliable sharing experience and like about the commodities. This implies that the customer service department is handling those customers who are already informed about the nature of the products. Those customers expect that the issues addressed ought to be corrected with much ease. The company’s programs have been made to accommodate the social media. The environment has also changed, and it implies that companies should become smarter in the marketing and continuously improve the products qualities (Bradley, 2010).

Authenticity in Experience of Customers

The social media has been an authenticity or an organic feel that other systems simply do not have. It feels unbiased a personal, not controlled and corporate. The firms should use the power of social media to come up with a better relationship with customers. The social media avenue enables customers to feel good. This is because when a customer joins certain sites, they transform to become premium members; the various company has in many ways the firms reassure the customers or their specialty.

The Customer Service Is Currently a Higher Priority

Through the use, social media t services customer’s rights have been democratized. The complaints of the complaints of customers are no longer being treated as just the jurisdiction of client services, but rather they are now part of the reputation management and corporate world of branding. By the help of social media, the executive management is now paying attention to the needs of customers. The social customer service can’t be well handled without the have an appropriate strategy; companies should therefore come up with better ways of enhancing the brands by offering commodities that meet the needs or the customers (Zarrella, 2010).


As e-commerce and shopping online are increasingly booming, organizations can find themselves losing clients and chucks of revenue so something just as simple as a one sentence response to any given customers. Some of the some of the institutions are not doing the right thing and are not even accounting for the negative consequences of the reduced services on the social media. Just a quick glimpse at the common brands such as McDonalds Facebook or KFC and you will see some of the comment of the customers. This institution doesn’t take the client complaints lightly; they are carefully reviewed and if there is need each customer is referred to the appropriate channel for compensation. Companies have realized the influence the social media has on other customers who can access the same information. In fact providing an excellent response to complaint or question can go a long way. According to the research that was conducted by Conversion, 95.6% of all the clients are usually affected by the comments of other customer’s comments that are posted on the social media website, and that implies that these consumers will be affected by the response that the client gives (Morstatter, & Liu, 2017).


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Morstatter, F., & Liu, H. (2017). Discovering, assessing, and mitigating data bias in social media. Online Social Networks And Media, 1, 1-13. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.osnem.2017.01.001

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