How I have met the 9 SLO’s

To begin, my liberal education has provided me with strong communication skills, an orientation toward creativity, an emphasis on quantitative reasoning, sophistication with variety, and a foundation in global and international learning. For example, when we participate in group work projects and other practical tasks, I've realized that I can appropriately share my information, views, and opinions. Furthermore, civic participation has led to becoming exceptional in fixing many of the world's critical challenges, particularly in the nursing profession. Second, in nursing, excellent communication always results in appropriate patient care. Therefore I have enhanced this interactive process by improving on how I listen and interact with my colleagues as well as practicing on how to get feedback using the nonverbal conversation such as gestures. As a result, this has to increase my interpersonal and inter-professional relationships. Thirdly, to ensure effective application of the nursing process, I have focused on the professional role development through studying and practicing the theories and principles learned in this program. For example, by actively engaging in the liberal arts and sciences it has become easier to reveal the diversity and richness of the contemporary nursing practice through the coordinated discussions. Moreover, I have established transparency goals that can enhance external accountability as well as improve the patient experience. Critical thinking skills are essential towards evidence-based nursing, according to the fourth SLO (University of Bridgeport, 2017). Therefore, I have made efforts to equip myself with skills which can help in establishing the priorities as well as delegating duty. For instance, through the provision of the comprehensive and quality healthy as I participate in the community health activities I able to deliver the principles regarding growth and development and also improving on the clinical reasoning.

In achieving the fifth SLO which involve promoting the health styles, I have participated in campaigns such as promoting the healthy eating and reduction in the intake of the high saturated fat. Therefore, through innovation and critical thinking skills learned it would be simple to come up with interventions aimed at promoting the health of individuals in the global society as well as strategies focusing on the population. The sixth one involves comprehending the system based practice and determining its impact on the quality and safe patient care (University of Bridgeport, 2017). I have met it by learning the different layers of the system based system and how it affects the care delivery. Moreover, I am capable of demonstrating an awareness and responsiveness to a larger context as well as calling on the resources to provide cost effectiveness. For instance, the approach has been guiding me throughout my professional practice and thus able to highlight areas of improvement to enhance efficiency and patient experience. The seventh SLO necessitates the application of the leadership and management skills in the nursing practice. Therefore I have been improving in these skills by focusing on the nursing management theories and principles that can facilitate the therapeutic outcomes and improve the professional role development which enhances an individual’s ability to lead and manage people. In achieving the eighth learning outcome that calls for exercising innovative inquiry I have been using the simulation exercises in the patient safety efforts to improve my understanding of the technological advances in the nursing profession. Lastly, I have learned the need for ethical professional practice and observance of the legal standards. I make sure that I comply with codes of ethics outlined in the nurses' associations. For example, when assessing and diagnosing a patient, it is essential to be confidential and ensure demonstration of a competent level of behavior to show evidence of quality practice in the work environment.


University of Bridgeport. (2017). Learning outcomes. Retrieved on April 20, 2017 from

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