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Mary Barra, General Motors CEO

Businesses and Effective Crisis Response Businesses experience diverse challenges which, in other instances, result in crises. Effective crisis response is a critical aspect of leadership and management. The case of Mary Barra, the General Motors CEO, during the ignition crash scandal the company faced in 2015 is an example of a...

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New General Motors CEO Mary Barra

In 2014, only half a month into her new job, General Motors CEO Mary Barra faced a rite of passage when the company was forced to assess 1.6 million small cars for defective ignition switches linked to various fatal accidents. The primary goal of this study is to shed light...

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GM technology

Introduction GM technology is one of the technologies that has advanced significantly in the United States throughout the years. The application of genetic engineering concepts in the creation of modified organisms is referred to as GM technology. Scientists have been able to alter the genetics of species, particularly animals and plants,...

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Introduction to Vauxhall Company Motors

British vehicle manufacturer Vauxhall Motors is a division of General Motors. The corporation is headquartered in Luton, United Kingdom. Alexander Wilson founded the business in 1857, and it began producing vehicles formally in 1903. After being purchased by General Motor in 1925, it rose to become the second-largest automobile manufacturer...

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Organizational Culture of General Motors

The Problems Faced by GM The new CEO of GM, Mary Barra, addressed the problem on the general perception that the company has had hyper centered costs for squeezing the suppliers so as to get much from them but paying little. This seemed to be a business strategy, but then it...

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