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Do The Right Thing is an unapologetic masterpiece that tackles racism. As for your Do The Right Thing essay, there are many elements to be tackled. This movie shows us a seemingly peaceful interracial community, where people simply go about their daily business. You can feel the tensions rise as people find themselves in different situations that make them lose their temper – in these moments community seems fragile as people are about to crack. Movie climaxes in a powerful sequence that shows both riot and its surprising aftermath, leaving us with questions and revelations we need to work through. Tackle Do The Right Thing essays with an open mind, exploring this acclaimed movie in its vastness – Our Do The Right Thing essay samples will provide some starting points for you to include in your essay. Analyze this movie deeply, as essays on Do The Right Thing is as good as your understanding of the story’s complexity.

Do the Right Thing and Rosa Perez

Spike Lee's movie and the actors Martin Lawrence and Samuel L. Jackson Both have the power to do the right thing when the situation calls for it. They were able to do so because they were able to see what's right and wrong for themselves and others. In fact, these movies...

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