Ethical issues in the film

The caregivers' responsibility to provide treatment and medication

The caregivers have a responsibility to provide the patients with treatment and medication. But eventually, the likelihood of getting treatment and beating the illness becomes all but impossible. Because of a nearly fatal brain hemorrhage, Jason became sick. He nearly lost his singing career as a result of the disease's assault. Despite being sick, his wife was expecting a child and required a lot of care. In terms of ethics, how those around you behave helps you navigate a challenging situation and provides hope for life. Apart from Jason's wife being expectant, she forgot all the pain she was going through and dedicated her life in caring for Jason. The ethics are expressed by the way people approached the situation and offered physical and mental support.

The ethical and legal issues in relation to the current society

The society expects the government to offer medical insurance to the people by ensuring that whenever illness invades the life of a person, receiving treatment can be easier and done within a short period to help save lives. The career of Jason was almost ruined when he had just reached at the turning point. Despite having not worked for the government, Jason should have been treated and the bill paid by the government. The support needed from the legal authorities is in setting an example and keeping the important matters serious such as fighting chronic diseases. Chronic diseases are expensive to treat hence not affordable by the low-income earners. The power of the attorney is used to judge the people who attempt to commit suicide.

The effect of Jason's situation on family and medical staff

The situation worried the family members and doctors. The family was scared of losing Jason at the time he was expecting for their newborn baby. The doctors were not at peace as everyone looked upon them to save the situation of Jason. However, chronic conditions are understood and the doctors were doing their best in helping. Near-fatal brain hemorrhage is severe condition that can cause sudden death. The life of Jason was half-dead half-alive. The vegetative state is when a person is unconscious and does not know whether there will be chances to survive. The doctors were challenged in handling the tough situation that Jason was suffering. However, every situation has its solution and the attitude of positive thinking should be applied in all levels of life challenges.

Personal reflection about the film

Personally, I felt sorry for Jason and his entire family for the hard times they had to go through until the healing process was over. Life has no choice and events happen without appointment. It was just the time that Jason had finished producing his album ready for release that he fell so sick. In life, it has taught me that challenges are inevitable but with positive attitude, everything is possible. I have learned that handling health issues does not only require the set guidelines for the known symptoms but the dedication to try any situation and treat it will bear fruits. Jason had given up in life but the efforts applied by doctors helped him make it through despite the difficult times his family went through. Healthcare professional should be prepared to handle every situation with diligent care and hope that everything will be well.

Work Cited

Metzgar D. E. (2008). Life. Support. Music. [Motion Picture]. United States: Merigold Moving Pictures.

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